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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Senate Majority - In Registration Only?

The New York Senate Democrats have the majority in registration only at this stage of the game and four Senators are key to whether or not the Democrats become more of a majority than just numbers.

Meet the new independent caucus of Senators who may pre-empt Malcolm Smith's plans.

Right to Left
Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.
Former Senator and now Senator Elect Pedro Espada, Jr.
Senator Carl Kruger
Senator Elect Hiram Monserrate

Three of the four have historically done business and sided with the Republican caucus. Was that just to get more than the table scraps? Possibly, but Diaz has said all along he will not support Malcolm Smith for Majority Leader while Kruger is reported to have an extremely poor relationship with the Democratic caucus. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Smith will have enough juice to become the Majority Leader. One thing is for sure, the four will leverage their independence for all it is worth.

If Smith makes it to leader, it could be short lived if these four are not considered in every issue he moves forward. If people do not think these four are serious, well they fired the first salvo today and skipped Wednesday's Democratic caucus meeting in Albany.

There is an outisde chance Senator Tom Libous could become majority leader, that would be a good move for New York and upstate.


Anonymous said...

The enrollment in each of these guys districts is about 90% democratic. There is no way they will vote Republican, because they know they will lose. Wishful thinking.

Dan Francis said...

If... if the so-called "Gang of 4" (DEMS) do "switch" and keep the GOP in control of the NYS Senate, then the people have the right to remove them from office... and that's what I'd like see.

They run for office with a party line, label, and support... to change after an election is to me, "un-democratic" and must not be allowed to stand.

But, that's just my view, I guess?

Anonymous said...

I respect the fact that you are upset about this. But these are politicians for Chrisss's sake. Nobody, besides me, is interested in your point of view. This is about gittin stuff, while gittin others to pay for that stuff. Grow up.

Sorry, did not mean to invoke any religious terms here in a public forum. No offense to the anti-Christ community. Please don't sue.

Dog is hiding his head in shame.

Anonymous said...

Diaz is at right.

Anonymous said...

Slimeball pols is what NY voters deserve.

WE put these guys in there.

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