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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, November 10, 2008

Meier State GOP Chair Possible

Former New York State Senator and all around good guy Ray Meier was featured in a Newsday article (click here) on reinventing the GOP message.

It would be nice to see Ray as state chair, here is what he had to say in the article.
"And this party needs to develop a message and we need to talk to people about things that are relevant."

He said that means reviving the upstate economy, lowering property taxes, making health care affordable and accessible, and improving the quality of schools, even if politicians have to cross powerful lobbies.

"Unless you have something interesting to say, you don't have a future," he said. "Successful political movements are about ideas."
There is one more to add to the platform and that is to speak candidly about the finances of this state. This should be a GOP platform, but David Paterson has capitalized on it, as he says,
"The only reason that I say that is it’s so clear right now after the downturn in the national economy, and the way the national public reacted, that those who are more candid are surviving when years ago it was perceived that those who brought the bad news suffered for it."
Ray if you become state chair, make being honest, open and candid the "in thing," you can't lose.

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