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Monday, November 10, 2008

No Place To Go

Darrel Aubertine is by any account a conservative Democrat, but with an agenda revved up by the Working Families Party and the strong left wing liberal component of the New York State Democratic machine where will he land on issues that definitely cut away from his comfort zone?

From the The New York Times
The pending shift in state Senate control away from Republicans removes one clear obstacle to legalizing gay marriage in New York, though opponents aren't conceding anything yet and advocates say they have work to do.
The Democratic majority of the New York State Senate sits at 32-30, there is no room to let a Senator, such as Darrel Aubertine, off the hook on legislation they are indebted to pass for the constituencies that put them there.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what the Working Families Party is?

This party could not care less about gay marriage. It is a "back-to-the-economy" party trying to pull the Dems away from those divisive issues that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

You forget, wings of the Republicans, i.e. the Conservatives, use social issues to divide us over whether two men can tie the knot and conquer us for higher taxes (see sales and property) on the working class and cuts for the rich.

Meanwhile, wings of the Dems, i.e. Working Families, are trying to pull the focus back on the economy so the working class can sustain itself regardless of whether two dudes can or cannot get married.

Consider it a good sign for Darrel that the Working Families Party is what it is and a bad sign for the Governor. After all, this party is growing and if Paterson & Co. hold up important economic reform for this trivial issue, heads will roll.

Dan Francis said...

NYS status and history on "same-sex marriage" Is Here - Click

I say put it on the ballot (as one single Constitutional amendment within the NYS rules) and let the public vote once and for all ... of course it has to pass the two branches first, right?

Could be sticky - we need to settle this issue once and for all in NYS ... if that's possible.

Or, keep it as a political issue for use each election cycle, right? LOL

~ dmf

Tell the truth said...

Nuh-uh. While the WFP would like us to believe they are all about jobs and ethe economy, you should take a look at their priority issues, like this one -- listed under "Our Vision" on the WFP website:

Civil Rights

Historically, women, people of color and other minorities have not enjoyed the full protection of the law in the America. Through heroic struggles for justice, full civil rights and equality before the law have gradually been extended to millions of people were once denied equal rights. The Working Families Party believes that the extension of civil rights to gays and lesbians is in this honorable tradition.

The right to marry the person of one’s choice is a basic freedom. Marriage is one of society’s most important social institutions, and — with a healthcare system in crisis — marriage is also a key economic benefit gays and lesbians can’t be excluded from.

The Working Families Party supports efforts to open marriage to all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation.

Concerned said...

I have been watching with interest as Paterson appears to be pushing for significant reduction of spending in Albany. At least for now, his intent is not to increase taxes. Give him credit for trying. I doubt he'll get much help from Silver.

Should he be successful, the key will be for the local gov't (and the school systems) to follow suit. However, I suspect that they will spend their time carping about reduced state aid and simply pass the shortfall along to the taxpayer. Or, should I say landowners?

It's time that local government and schools started to be fiscally responsible. The waste borders on the ridiculous. Watch carefully who fights Paterson the hardest over any proposed cuts.

To add to ANON's motto, "Who cares if two dudes want to get married, .... just as long as they're not members of NYSUT!"

Anonymous said...

I think we outta settle it too.

We should be able to marry anybody or anything. Dogs, trees, fish, dead people, whatever.

Forget the entire thing. Everything should be legal. Why not?

We're moving that way on most everything else, except speech and individual thought.

I think it would be cool to marry a tree stump. And being cool is what we are all about.

Anonymous said...

2:32 What are you doing, making sense like that? Don't be bringing up facts, not to the people of the Empire State.

The dog wants to shake your hand.

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