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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, November 3, 2008

This Is Not A Game Of Monopoly

The Democrats are giddy over the thought of wiping out any opposing views to governing, at both the state and national levels. It is likely they will have major gains in both the House, Senate come Tuesday, and with possible control of the Presidency, the whole show is theirs. The Democrats at the state level would like no more than to have their views unchecked by controlling the Senate.

This is not the simple idea that you have your views, I have mine and we each hope we win. There is an opinion that only one viewpoint should be allowed and that multiple opinions are not acceptable. This is not healthy in any view of good government or in any form or fashion of free speech. It is not healthy for government to be lopsided for either Republicans or Democrats; this is not a game of monopoly.

We have witnessed excessive political power by both parties, we have witnessed both parties at the bottom of a cycle and none of it is pretty and none of it last long, that is the American way, politics is cyclical. There is nothing wrong with winning, that is the competitive nature of politics, but there is something wrong with absolute power of a single party, there is something wrong with the wipe out the other side mentality of both parties.

Good government works well when there is competing ideas; when bi-partisan compromise and solutions arise that bring everyone together behind a solution. Arrogance in the past by Republicans or upcoming by Democrats will not win the day with the voters, solutions arrived at by working together, will win the voter's hearts and minds.

History proves governing has seldom gone well under one party rule. The people who talk about turning regions red or blue are the hard-core liberals or absolute socially conservatives and they are intolerant of opposing opinions; good governing needs to be more moderate.


Anonymous said...

How about the on (sic) party rule of the last 8 years? Will you admit that has not gone well? I doubt it.

TF said...

Hey IV
Check out what Doug Forand had to say on DD. I got a feeling both of us buy into it. Maybe not--he is a dreaded dem.

Anonymous said...

How do you figure its wiping out the other sides views? The people elect their representatives, and a strong majority of americans must believe that democratic ideals are better for this country than republicans. Why do you refuse to believe that?

Rick said...

This same thing happened in 1992. And what happened in 1994, The people woke up the fact that they believed the promises of the Democrats to be responsible and then the Republicans swept the House and Senate after only 2 years of them proving they tell people what they want to hear to get elected but actually follow their agendas when in office. If there is a majority voted in to all three branches of government we will see the reversal in the House and Senate in 2 years as history does repeat itself. This will happen on both the Federal and State level. Total power by either party is not healthy and we forget that each time we allow it to happen.

And 8:45, you forget we haven't had one party rule for the last 8 years, The Democrats have controlled the House and Senate for the last 2 and those 2 years have been worse than the previous 6 combined.

So be careful what you wish for as you may not like the results after you get them. Too many people that are voting on the emotion of the last 8 years being so bad will soon realize they have fallen into the same emotional trap that happened in 1992 and will again be voting for change in 2 years. This cycle will continue again and again......

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Now that Democrats will be in control, it's time to be bipartisan. Nevermind the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

8:45 Uh, there hasn't been one-party rule. Sorry dude.

One is one less than two.

Damn we're in trouble.

Anonymous said...

8:45 Uh, there hasn't been one-party rule. Sorry dude.

One is one less than two.

Damn we're in trouble.

The assembly was always in the hands of the dems.

Remember. One is one less than two.


Anonymous said...

"there is something wrong with absolute power of a single party, there is something wrong with the wipe out the other side mentality of both parties."

That's peculiar, as we have had a single party rule in Jefferson County, for . . . for . . . well, forever. I don't EVER recall a thorough vetting of ideas on the County or Town level around here. In fact, nearly ALL policy decisions are made BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, without much input from the citizenry at all. Only if the local paper raises a stink over an issue, will there suddenly be some public posturing, and MAYBE a reconsideration. But few issues are exposed to comment by all interested parties.

NOW, you think the world will end, if the Repubs don't get their share of the pork in Albany. Been that way in these parts for decades. One party. No discussion. Our way or the highway.

What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

Uh no. The county has had Democratic power for awhile now. JoAnne Wilder and Mr Burns for example. There hasn't been one party rule for some time.

On the state level, we haven't had it like we are about to have it. So we will see.

Don't repeat falsehoods in an attempt to win an argument. Where we are headed is largely uncharted ground. And the reason we are headed there is twofold. One, many of our most motivated individuals, those who don't work for the state or a school district, have already left the state. Two, there is a growing "army" of individuals who have learned to live off others. That group has become very powerful. LOTS of people get a gov't check for one reason or another. I wish everyone could get one, hell, get two or three. But it doesn't work that way. Now that we have the great O on the national level, the entire country will begin to look more like the Empire State. I don't believe most of America knows what they are in for. They'll soon learn. Me, I don't care. I'll be taking your money and leaving as soon as the well gets down just a little more. Won't take long.

Anonymous said...

Hold on, Hold on. Speaking of FALSEHOODS:

Joanne Wilder, John Burns and Nancy Brown, all Dems, hold ministerial positions. They hold some sway within their own domains, but I dare say that 80% or more of what they do are dictated to them by rule, regulation, or law. In other words, its in a book somewhere. Their response is dictated.

It's the legislatures, the County and the Town Boards, that set government POLICY: the issues that can have far reaching effects on our lives. This is where the give and take of public discussion can help to mold policy decisions that will provide a satisfactory response to all facets of an issue.

Go try discussing an "issue" with the Sheriff. Good luck with that.

THAT is where one party rule stifles good government. We ahve had that in Jefferson County FOREVER.

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