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Monday, November 10, 2008

GOP and Democrats Leadership Tussles

Discussions continue on who will lead the State GOP and Ray Meier continues to be at the forefront of the conversation, while at the same time a question remains on who will be the leader of the New York State Senate, even which party is still in question.

"...Obviously, you have to have attractive, inspiring candidates, but a successful political movement still depends on ideas and a message. Our party has been lacking that. Also, we need to rebuild from the ground up. We've paid no attention, as Bill Powers did, to electing supervisors, county executives, mayors and county legislators."

"I don't think it's productive for this to be all about Joe Mondello," Meier said. "He has a long history of service to the party. I don't want to get engaged in a protracted civil war."

The Gang of Three continues to play hardball. Senator Diaz appears to be holding firm in not committing his support for Malcolm Smith. It only takes one Democratic Senator to make it an even split.

"If Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate has made a decision in Puerto Rico to endorse Senator Malcolm Smith, that is his decision. I have not made a decision yet and hope the others have not either. I have not committed myself to anybody, and my position as an ordained minister and a pastor will not allow me to support any would be leader that will bring gay marriage to the Senate floor."

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Ray Meier? You're kidding right?

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