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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Youngest Member of Congress

He was elected, as a write in candidate, to the Peoria School Board of Education at age 19.
He earned a four year degree in Finance in just two years.
He unseated a 8 term Democrat in a heavily Democratic district for State Representative.
He was reelected as a Republican in a district that routinely voted 60% Democrat.
He was simultaneously a member of the school and Illinois State Representative at age 23.
He built the Republican party around him by recruiting people for county boards, city councils and committee.

He was just elected Member of Congress, House of Representatives, 18th District, Illinois.

The youngest Member of Congress is Aaron Schock.

Born in 1981.

View his election website - here

He spoke at the RNC, probably will not be the last time.


Anonymous said...

Democratic challenger Colleen Callahan never ran for any political office before she ran against Aaron in the IL-18. When baby Rep. Aaron has a real challenge in two years will see how it goes then. In the mean time lets not embarrass Repubs by robbing the cradle.

hermit thrush said...

while i hate to throw cold water on the previous anonymous, representative-elect schock hails from a solidly republican district and probably stands to hold on to the seat for a long time.

SmallTownAmerica said...

i checked out his entire bio--very impressive. if only OUR local officials, republican and democrat, could be that motivated... it appears the questioned "future face" of the republican party may just be descending upon DC in January.

John Peck said...

I find this greatly encouraging that young Republicans from around the country are stepping up to the plate to represent the people and their party. The Republican Party is faced with dark times nationally, but even more so in New York State, but the dawn always comes. The Republican Party will return balance to NYS government one day. I disagree with Anon #1. I believe Mr. Shock will hold onto his seat in 2 years despite the efforts of Democrats. The simple explanation is that youth, passion, and a heart for service will trump party affiliation everytime. It is evidenced by Mr. Shock's record that he has devotion to his community and a passion to serve in public office. As do I. I look forward to seeing how his career progresses and hopefully working with him one day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. He's not transgendered, that I know of. He could be gay, but then again maybe not.

Not of mixed race. No "challenges" that I can see.

Has he ever used the word gosh?

And that's a pretty expensive suit he's wearing.

I wanna know if he owns stock in ANYTHING. That could put the nail in him right off.

How about guns. Has he ever held one? Has he ever thought about holding one?

Can we get an ex-girlfriend to say anything bad about him?

Is he sensitive to all things that he must be sensitive to, excluding taxpayers?

Does he love, THE CHILDREN?

Does he go to church, and if so, is it a church acceptable to ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC?

Does Oprah like him?

Does he drive a foreign car?

Does he have a sister who might have had an abortion, or a sister who may have NOT had an abortion. Has HE ever thought of having an abortion?

What are the chances of him doing a spot on Sat Night Live, or MTV?

Will Wiley hate him? Well, unless he changes parties we already know the answer to that one.

Has he ever received special deals to buy houses from mortgage companies like Countrywide? Ooops, that won't hurt him. He just has to keep that quiet, right Mr Dodd?

But what it really comes down to is this, is he really COOL? That will be the real test to see if he can get crossover donkey votes.

That, and how does he do his hair?

Dan Francis said...

Some people are just never happy about anything or anyone new to the political scene are they - easy to find fault, or fault by their definition at least.

This young man looks okay and sounds okay - his record in office will be the proof in the proverbial pudding as they say which should determine whether he is reelected or not.

I wish him luck. His roots sound alot like mine as I also grew up in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

The media won't have to cheap shot him until he's a cadidate for something that matters. You saw that with Palin. When she was a competent, well liked Gov in Alaska, she was fine. But when she ran for national level office the hatchet jobs came out. No doubt the same will happen to this guy if the time ever comes. Thats what happens when media shares body fluids with all donkey types. They want to "make a difference" and they did, and no doubt, will.

Anonymous said...

damit, she is still hot.

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