"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Choice Do They Have

Medicaid and School Aid spending account for 57% of the projected spending growth in the 2008-10 budget. The Governor and Democratic state legislature have little other options to control spending than these two areas, but do they have the will.


Anonymous said...

PIV, uh, nope, they don't have the will.

Won't happen. They can't. Children would suffer.

What total bs.

The compliant media is lining up already, telling the people one side of the story. They Watertown Times and WWNY interviews school officials, who dutifully tell all how tough it would be if cuts had to be made. Imagine, if teachers had to pay street prices for their lunches and things like that. Or contribute to their health care. The end would be near. The Times never tells the other side, like what will happen to homeowners if taxes keep rising as they have.

TF said...

I know you really enjoy poking fun at the indigent Mr/Ms Anonymous but what does happen to their healthcare if
Medicaid service is radically reduced?
Do we stack em up like cordwood or do we as a society cough up enough to cover basic healthcare?
Now don't go off on any of your tangential rants. Just directly respond to the question just asked.

Anonymous said...

I understand, Ted. Challenge accepted. However, I rarely change the subject, let alone go off on tangents.

The only way to go is to freeze everything. EVERYTHING. We live in a state, and soon a nation, where media and special interests line up together to risist any change in the status quo. Witness the completely dishonest campaign by the Watertown Times. Day after day we are being bombarded with the one-sided views of school administrators speaking of the end of the world ahead if they are forced to cut anything. Today, the debate shifted (statewide) to what exactly a cut is. Such bs. No decisions have even been made. No serious proposals have been presented, yet the Watertown Times and its professionally hired suck up spends her days talking with school admin after admin, getting hypotheticals about absolute bs. So Ted, to answer you question, you cannot cut anything in this state. Too many people, media included, will not honestly confront the problems. They have private schools for their kids, they can arrange for government jobs for their friends, so they really don't care about yours. FREEZE EVERYTHING Ted. Across the board. It is the only way. NO exceptions. If an agency, or program, cannot function on last years dollars, then they shut down the day the money runs out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We have shown that we, as a society, are unable to have a conversation about cutting budgets. We cannot face reality. Therefore, this is the only way.

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