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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New York State's Fiscal Mess - Reason #3

This is the third chart of a series of reasons why New York State is in such a fiscal disaster. They continue to spend money that they do not have and when revenues plummet they will only to look where they have increased their spending.

Look at what they have done with education spending. If they reverse this trend without a tax cap then watch out property owners


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. If there is a tax cap, why do property owners have to be worried? Is that because they won't make any cuts in spending? Well duh. If you cut taxes and don't cut spending you are screwed. That's why you have to cut spending too.

Why do I feel like I'm talking with a 10 year old?

Political IV said...

There is not a tax cap currently, so if the state cuts school aid and the schools do not cut spending then property owners will be left to pick up the tab.

Why do I feel a 10 year old is reading this

Anonymous said...

Well, BOTH of us recognize this is a SPENDING issue. Why is that the word you avoid so much? But then again you're not alone.

This ain't about taxes or caps, it's about spending.

Maybe you think a ten year old is reading this cause I'm the only one left.

Gotta go, school tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how nobody wants to chime in on this.

Is the party over?
Can't we simply raise some taxes?
We've done it for years.
Remember, them kids are depending on us.

Anonymous said...

Sure, let's keep raising the school, county, and town property taxes and before you know it there won't be anyone left to pay the taxes. That has been our public officials' mentality that has gotten us to this point. Never cut spending because the good ole taxpayer, who has no choice, will keep on paying. At some point, people, we must let our elected officials know that this must stop.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, nope. Just last tues we let them know that it's ok. Bidness as usual. Shelly Silver, who said there isn't a problem and resist spending cuts, is now more in control than ever. It's gonna be spend baby spend. Enjoy.

Our only hope is this Gov guy. I like him. But it's gonna be tough for him.

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