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Monday, November 3, 2008

These Guys Are Anxious

This is Malcolm Smith, D-Queens, and he is the guy who Darrel Aubertine asks, how high, when he is told to jump. Smith is anxious to lead a Senate majority and has called for a meeting the day following the election. 
This guy, Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, is the deputy leader and who wants nothing more than to be the leader. He will be taking the battle straight at Smith for the leadership post, Klein has been directing the campaign operations for the Senate Democrats and will be expecting pay back.
These guys are saying, not so fast. Senate majority leader Dean Skelos, R- Rockville Centre, and Thomas Libous, R-Binghamton (upstate that is) are confident they will retain the majority and therefore continue to provide the needed checks and balances to governing.
Libous truly is one of us, he blogs, read it here.


Anonymous said...

"Klein has been directing the campaign operations for the Senate Democrats"

this statement alone shows how little you know about the senate democrats' political organization

please, stick to cheerleading for dave "been caught stealin'" renzi and stay away from analysis

Dan Francis said...

Anxious - I'd say so.

Speaking of being anxious: tell me - is this OBAMA gesture by design or not?

I had to ask in all fairness.

Anonymous said...

How did that Bronx guy get a tree to stand in front of?

Boy are we headed for some fun.

We should take the kids to Albany so they can see the circus for themselves.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Anon #1, the Senate Dem campaigns are not run by a Bronx pol, but by an extreme left-leaning Manhattan Dem, Liz Krueger, of the take-your-guns, same-sex marrying, taxpayer-funded campaigning, tax-and-spend schhol of NY politics.

She would be "one of us," too, right?

Oh, and her campaign of hate, vitriole, lies and personal attacks? That was funded by Jeff Klein, according to today's Daily News.

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