"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stay In The Middle Guv

The favorable rating for Governor David Paterson is high according to the latest Siena poll released today, (here) but his handling of the fiscal situation facing New York State will ultimately determine his job approval from the residents.

The Governor needs to stay in the middle in the negotiations and not get caught up on whether the Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats are to blame.
He is falling prey to the tendency to gang up and blame the Senate Republicans, while at the same time the Assembly Democrats are just as responsible for the spending spree that the government has been addicted to and they are just as responsible for their failure to act. This is a not a partisan issue, the Governor has consistently stated there is no place for politics, yet he injects it in almost every comment he makes.
According to an article in The New York Times, Assembly Speaker is not exactly out in front championing the Governor’s proposed budget cuts.
It is even unclear how Assembly Democrats view the governor’s plan, and that casts more uncertainty over the fate of the special session. They are scheduled to meet on Monday evening to discuss Mr. Paterson’s deficit reduction package, but there is no indication yet that the Democrats have consensus within their conference. And some members are likely to resist the governor’s calls for such deep cuts
Mr. Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, has not said publicly whether he would support the governor’s proposals.
The Governor has not sent any bills to the legislature for them to act on and it is within the three day aging period. The Governor should get the bills to them post haste, let them work through the issues in joint committees and then take up or down votes. This is a joint effort and the legislature needs to act accordingly, failure to move it forward will be just as much a Democratic issue as it will be a Republican issue.
Majority Leader Dean Skelos has stated the Senate would take up or down votes on bills if he has them. The Governor should accept his offer and insist the Assembly Democrats do the same, one for all, all for one; this is not a time to act independently.


Dan Francis said...

NYS has a budget "gap" of over $6 billion -- that equals about 11.4% of the General Fund ...

Reducing that by any amount is achieveable and necessary.

NYS' "gap" compared to CALIF (they have a shortfall of some $35 billion), is peanuts, but nevertheless, we need to hit it head-on, otherwise it will hit us head-on!

We should support the Gov., in cuts as well as spending reductions w/o hampering progress, too. We cannot afford to lose businesses or people ... but we also have a future to look forward to, right?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I don't know how or where or under what conditions you grew up, Danny. But listen up. They are not going to cut anything. We have screwed our kids for a couple of decades now, just so the chosen can wallow in taxpayer money. These people will continue to screw the kids. Get over it.

I can't believe you use words like "achieveable and necessary". I admire your optimism and drive. I just think you're dreaming.

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