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Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Surge

There was no surge of support for Obama in the North Country, he did not inspire the base as much as Kerry, but the problem was McCain inspired his base even less. 

All three counties: Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Oswego recorded fewer votes for president in the 2008 race than in the 2004 race, Obama receive 720 fewer votes than did John Kerry, while McCain dropped even faster.

Interestingly enough Oswego went for both Obama and Renzi.

Here are the preliminary numbers, excluding paper ballots.

                   2004            2008
GOP                                                -5647

Jeff           20248             18593       -1655
SLC          17310             15972       -1338
Osw          24645             21991       -2654

Dem                                                  -720

Jeff           16342             16222       -120
SLC          22173             21642       -531
Osw          23261             23192       -69

Jefferson -- There are 10K more Republicans than Democrats
McCain wins by about 2000

St. Lawrence -- 200 more Rs than Ds
Obama won by 6000

Oswego -- 17K more Rs than Ds
Obama won by 1200


Anonymous said...

Let's see the figures for Clinton, Essex and Franklin county. They are part of the North Country.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding there was a good turn out in NNY. Approximately 68%, not a record but not bad. Thanks for voting, not that all my picks made it but every voice must be heard.
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