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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome Home!

It was a packed house last night at the Italian American Club to welcome David Renzi home from the campaign trail.

A campaign worker who traveled with David told PIV that he drove 8,000 miles just in the last month for the candidate and the campaign has been pounding the pavement steady for six months, which would be a lot of miles.

Congratulations David Renzi on your hard work!

Congressman McHugh addressed the crowd at the conclusion of the 3 day bus blitz and all the candidates offered their gratitude to the volunteers for their hard work.

Incidentally, the Congressman mentioned it was 24 years ago that he celebrated his first election at the Italian American Club.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I missed something here but I thought this was a bus tour for all the Republican candidates including Bobby Cantwell?

Dan Francis said...

So, if the DEMS win, we can conclude what:

(1) the GOPers stayed home [maybe];

(2) the GOPers voted for some DEMS [possible];

(3) there are more DEMS than GOPers [not possible];

(4) the DEMS bussed in folks from Canada [just tossed that one in for fun]; or

(5) what?

[fill in the blank ________________________________]

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