"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Governor's Town Hall Today

He received a very warm welcome and in his usual style, he talked seriously and candidly about the severity of the fiscal situation facing the state, but added a little levity to the discussion from time to time.

He was warmly welcomed, after which he quipped, "They may want to record the warm reception and replay it after people listen to what I have to say."

  • The $400 million the legislature cut was after he had already cut $600 million by slashing agencies over 10% and the state still faces a $1.5 billion deficit that keeps growing. 
  • There is only one other time the state has faced such a dire fiscal situation with a deficit greater than $6 billion and that was in 2003-04 following the 9/11 attack when the state faced a $11 billion deficit. Next year's deficit will be $12.5 billion. 
  • The sacrifices will be shared: counties, towns and villages. 
  • "We will have pain when we allow spending to get out of control."
  • He spoke about the stimulus package he requested from the federal government to include providing jobs by building infrastructure including the I -81 connector road. 
  • He essentially ruled out the so-called millionaire's tax saying it would dry up a job creating mechanism and prove to be more of a hinder right now by driving revenue raisers out of the state. 
  • Mid year cuts in school aid - he did not rule out such a measure, saying extreme times call for extreme actions. 
  • When questioned on a metaphor of using a "big knife" or a "scalpel," he responded , "We are using a big knife like a scalpel."
  • He resisted unions accusing him of wrecking New York State, by stating that not acting would wreck New York State. 
  • He said it was time to stop the gimmicks, time for belt tightening and called for a "culture change to break the addiction."
The Governor spoke candidly and refreshingly forthright. He was quick on his feet and showed a clear grasp for the situation as he took questions that were submitted only minutes before he took the stage.


Anonymous said...

There was a great editorial today in the NY Post.


Every government employee should read it!

Anonymous said...

Why should we?

There will be no cuts.
Not meaningful ones.


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