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Monday, November 17, 2008

Spitzer Reinserts Himself

Spitzer wrote a lengthy piece for the Washington Post today, read it here and he ended it with this remark. Is this the start of a comeback?

Although mistakes I made in my private life now prevent me from participating in these issues as I have in the past, I very much hope and expect that President Obama and his new administration will have the strength and wisdom to do again what FDR did.

Eliot L. Spitzer was governor of New York from 2007-08 and state attorney general from 1999-2006.


Dan Francis said...

Spitzer may be forgiven by his family and friends, but he cannot any longer be given the public trust... period.

In my view.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal had a spot-on take on the reemergence of Client 9.

Eliot's no Phoenix, though, rising from the ashes. It is so clear that the Spitzer-era is one which most New Yorkers would as soon forget.

Eliot should look for absolution from his wife and daughters, not voters who are eager to move on and be spared any more embarassment from him.

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