"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Open Letter To The GOP

There is always a certain amount of reflection after a whipping like the one that the Republicans experienced last night. When a political party fails as badly as it did last night, something has to change.

Here is an open letter to the GOP that was received this morning.


Anonymous said...

It is right on and it needs to start local. Jefferson County GOP leaders need to step down and move on. Nothing was done right in this last year and until people get out of the way it isn't going to change.
We also have one other person to blame locally for the loss of the 48th and 118th. JIM WRIGHT. If he would have served out his term this election would have been alot different. I don't think Darrel would have risked lossing his assembley seat and Dede should be our state senator. But that didn't happen cause Jim had to do it his way for himself.
Those are the two main reasons we are in this position locally.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 99% of the writers points- the only thing that bothers me is the invocation of Pataki's name in the list of party notables.

Pataki is an opportunist who feathered his own nest at the expense of the party. After his first term, he would serve any special interest that would give him support. The "deal with the devil" he made with Dennis Rivera and the SEIU Union was the icing on the cake.

David Patterson is so far right of Pataki, it almost funny, if it were not so sad.

No fiscal restraint, no moral, political, or economic compass; just a desire to stay in office.

Those are the types who have ruined this party.

Off with their heads! (Metaphorically only)

Anonymous said...

I can only speak to what I know, but I see town committees that wield a powerful machine that Boss Tweed himself would be proud of, but that they only use to get the vote out when it is to their or their families own selfish, personal advantage(s); I see fund raisers and chicken barbecues with food prepared for 200 that only 30 show-up to; I hear of Monday morning meetings for our State Senate hopeful that no one shows up to; and I see a County committee of old, lazy, fat ass taxpayer teet sucking, self-dealing political hacks.
Did they get the message last night? Did they??????????

Here's a word for you: altruism. There's a greater good, and it's not about just what's in it for THEM. It might involve consolidating towns, eliminating patronage jobs, revamping the court system, revamping the retirement system and (gasp! dare I say it) trimming budgets. Can they handle that? Can they?????????

Anonymous said...

No one showed up to Monday morning meeting cause we all knew they didn't matter anyways. The guys from Albany were going to run that the way they wanted to no matter what input us locals had. I see there way has worked well the last two elections.

Anonymous said...

In our state, and in our nation, there has been a contest to see how much politicians could give away. They paid off special interest groups, from teacher unions to welfare bums, public employees, the elderly, you name it. The causes are always good. They told everyone if they gave them their vote, they would give them some money. Now we're at a point where both parties have learned to buy votes. There is hope. But we're now also heading into an era where we have limited resources to give away. This runs up against the people, who have learned to receive, not to work hard and take care of themselves. Grants, programs, payments, interest free loans, empire zones etc. have taken the place of doing for ourselves. We all take part in hidden economies to avoid taxation. This is a trainwreck coming our way. We cannot continue to take. We cannot continue to justify why our particular need is more important than our neighbors. I wish Obama luck. He is charged with teaching us to be Americans again. We've forgotten what it means. The alternative is continued decline. And all this talk about the children. We should be ashamed. It's all about what's in it for us.

Anonymous said...

You know it is bad for the GOP in the north country when they are attacking the great Jim Wright.
I wonder how Jim the egomaniac feels now. Jim spits at the mention of Darrels name, but now Darrel has beaten both of his hand picked boys, and now he is in the majority. Oh Jim your legacy has gone right in the tank.

TF said...

As a member of the opposition party I easily remember the state of the Democratic Party following the loss of Mario Cuomo. We were below broke, pointing fingers and largely demoralized on both the state and local level.
Our renaissance began with the expert management of a brand new state chair. Perhaps you remember Judith Hope. She put her personal ego aside and put the pieces back together. She developed and encouraged candidates, and in the process managed to retire a lot of the deadwood with dignity. The key for your party's comeback is expert and inspirational leadership at the very top. I have a feeling hyou'll find a way to get it done. But be patient it'll take a handfull of years.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Eristoff is a Manhattan billionairre putz. This guy has and is part of the very same problem he takes to task on this letter.

Anonymous said...

It's already done, Ted. All the money has been given away. All the companies our broke or have left. All the teachers and public employees are ready to retire and leave. All the kids are screwed. All the donkeys have won.

You won. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

"It's already done, Ted. All the money has been given away. You won. Congratulations."

I'll remind you that the Pataki administration ran this State for 12 of the past 13 years. With a Republican Senate. Your inference of responsibility is misguided, at best.

Anonymous said...

It was a spending contest. The dems won, as they are better at it. Not that the Republicans can't compete, they just aren't as good at it. It will take a generation for them to be as capable. Trouble is we don't have a generation.

Every special interest, welfare, education, environment, health, old folks, gays, energy, wind (or non wind depending on your point of view), disabled, the list is endless, votes Democrat. Now why do you think that is? It is because they believe, rightfully, that they will receive more money for their particular interest. It's all about caring, er, excuse me, spending. Now the jokes on you, Sir. Whatcha gonna do now? Shelly says there is no problem. I guess you could raise taxes. There's millionaires out there. Get 'em before they leave NY. The country will likely follow the way of NY state. That'll be nice. We can screw kids across state lines now. The south is slow. It'll take them time to catch up, that is, go broke.

I really don't care. I have mine, Sir. I'll be retired before the kids assume room temperature. Will you? I can't wait to care, full time.

Anonymous said...

Time for Sandy to step down so we can start making changes.

Anonymous said...

"It was a spending contest. The dems won, as they are better at it."
In the 48th SD the republicans spent over 2 to 1 what the dems spent and still lost by over 5000 votes.

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