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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Malcolm Smith's Comments

By contrast this is the rhetoric that Democrat Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith gets away and all the while Democrat Speaker Sheldon Silver is silent on everything.

- Smith's Comment - 

"It’s disappointing that we were not able to move forward on anything today.  My Conference came prepared to act, prepared to support Governor Paterson’s call to reach a deal on budget cuts. If we cannot advance the entire package of the Governor’s budget bills, we should put forth components of the bill that we all agree are immediately necessary –  Sweeping Public Authorities, Enforcing Empire Zone Provisions and Consolidating Public Authorities. These budget reductions would save the state considerably."

Frankly, what he said is hogwash, I guess you can still put lipstick on a pig in Albany.

"If we cannot advance the entire package..." restated means we are not prepared to make the necessary cuts either.

"Sweeping Public Authorities, Enforcing Empire Zone Provisions and Consolidating Public Authorities."  This means zip, nada, nothing...it would never occur in a one day session and will take many months to implement. It is only tinkering around the edges, which Paterson evens says will not fix the problem. 

Listen to the post below, the reporter states it correctly, this is nothing less than a gang attack, it is politics by the Democrats setting up the Senate Majority.

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Anonymous said...

This is the guy that Aubertine will support? What a joke. Not one of the elected senators, r and d alike have the guts to make the necessary cuts.

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