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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, November 24, 2008

Want Input On RNC- Tex 2 Steele

If you want to give your input on the future direction of the Republican National Committee, then one of the three candidates to lead the party wants you to text it to him.

Michael Steele for RNC Chairman website is set up and he wants you ideas for the future of the party and the ideas can either be sent via video or text message.

Video Instructions:
Grassroots Video InstructionsIf you plan on submitting a video, read the following guidelines and suggestions before you begin filming:
  • Limit videos to 1 minute or less.
  • Make sure your video communicates a clear message. Gather your thoughts prior to filming and practice if necessary.
  • Be unique. We are looking for videos that find creative ways to share ideas.
  • Have a positive message about Michael Steele and the future of the Republican Party. Videos that attack other candidates will not be accepted.
  • Be personable, friendly and exciting. We are looking for videos that are fun to watch!
  • All videos should be family friendly. Each video will be reviewed by the staff prior to posting.
  •  Your video can be uploaded on YouTube and configured to allow for sharing with comments and video rating both turned off.
  • Or you can embed your videos on our site by registering here. Then embed your video in the comments section below. 
Text Instructions:

Do you have a great new idea for the future of the Republican Party or just think there is room for improvement?  Now you can text your ideas directly to Michael Steele.  Text Steele to 66937 today!

              To send a text simply follow these steps:
              1 - Select messages on your cell phone
              2 - Dial the Short Code 66937
              3 - Enter Message "Steele" and send
              4 - You will then receive a return message confirming your registration.  Just repy back - Y.
              5 - You are now able to text your ideas to the Steele website.  To do that -
                                 - Select Message and dial the short code 66937
                                 - Start your message with @Steele (and then text in your thoughts)


Anonymous said...

Maybe before you bright eyed Repubs start advising your leaders as to how to run the party and the U S of A.

First see if your qualified by taking a basic civics test... http://www.americancivicliteracy.org/resources/quiz.aspx

I got a 78, equal to the nation average. I will admit I have much to learn about this great country.

Anonymous said...


Before you post on a blog, get some advice on how to write complete sentences. No matter how well, or how poorly, you score on a test, you have to be able to express yourself so people can understand what you are saying.

Anonymous said...


If you are having trouble following my diction, '6:04'; please forgive my assumption that writing in complete sentence would simply confuse the average Repub reader. It was this belief that compelled me, to write my comments in the language that Repubs have learned to understand. Let me described this for you in the following examples: the dialect of 'Bushism', and the now famous, never ending single sentence monologues of Sarah Palin, 'in-complete' with sentence fragments, non-relative clauses and dangling participles.

If your still struggling trying to understand what I am saying, please let me know. I can also write it in Limbaughese. It would be my pleasure to help you become worldly.

Anonymous said...

I get it. Grammar, sentence structure problems and spelling issues were done on purpose, to appeal to your audience.

As a good donkey, I wouldn't expect you to take any personal responsibility. And after you've been made a fool of, its always best to change the subject. You followed that pattern as well, wizzzard.

Check over your improper use of puctuation, sentence fragments, use of quotes. The rest is just poor word usage.

I'd suggest you apply for a state job as someone with challenges. They tolerate illllliteracy.

Becoming worldly with you would be fine, but I would demand condom use. You don't seem to be a guy who makes good choices.

Anonymous said...

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