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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Blogger's Viewpoint

A late find, but this was lifted from Pandora's Box of Rocks, it is a well written piece.

The election is very soon and we are being told to vote for Darrel Aubertine because "He's one of us." Let's examine that statement.

The statement implies that his opponent is not to be trusted he is one of "them." This seems to be a great campaign strategy however the problem is that this is a divisive attitude and an insidious problem that eats away at the core ideals that this country was founded upon. This is a downright un-American Campaign Strategy. I am not surprised that Darrel is using the one of “us” campaign because that is the underlying problem with Darrel's home town, Cape Vincent. Cape is an “us” and “them” town. A favorite expression of some of the “us” people living in Cape is, "if your diapers didn’t hang on the line to dry in the Cape you don’t really “belong”. In other words, you are a “them.” You are an outsider, an interloper, a non citizen without any rights. When meeting people for the first time the usual question asked of you is “are you one of the summer people?” Whenever you question an issue that affects where you live you a generally ignored or told that you don’t understand what is right for the town because you are an outsider.

When you are asked vote for Darrel Aubertine because he's one of “us” what Darrel is really saying is I am one of you but I want to be one of “them”. This is a big problem because he actually sees his constituency as inferior to what he aspires to be. Someday his constituency may become the evil inferior “them” because Darrel and the down state Democrats will now become the elite, the “us”..

How can someone who has such a divisive platform be effective once elected into office? Frankly I find this “one of us” campaign crap offensive and insulting. Divisive attitudes like this divide communities and nations. We live in ONE NATION. Cape Vincent is a community divided; the wind companies came to town and exploited this division.

When people allow themselves to be exploited by this type of polarization they become vulnerable, just who will be the next “them”? Will it be hunters? Perhaps it will be gun owners, or just anyone who doesn't agree with our senator's agenda? Remember the words “WE THE PEOPLE.” It’s time to elect someone who does not divide his constituency into “us” and “them.” This nation fought a terrible war over the “us” and “them” issue and it cost us dearly. We need to work toward what is right for all the people not just those who fall into the “us” category. It is time to elect Dave Renzi as OUR SENATOR.


Anonymous said...

One of us?

I didn't hire my sister, in violation of state law.

I didn't try to use my public position to loin my pockets with lucrative wind contract dollars.

I didn't get failing grades from good-government, environmental and sportsmen's groups.

I guess I'm not one of us!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're pathetically predictable. LET IT GO.

Anonymous said...

You republicans have a guilty conscience. Why do you look at the negative in the +/- sense, when this ad is a positive (in the descriptive sense) ad, celebrating Darrel's regular guy persona.

This post is a rambling nonsensical guilty conscience babble from the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are right, Darrel is a regular guy and we shouldn't be so hard on him. It's not like breaking the law and hiring your sister is a crime, or that voting for and encouraging others to vote for wind projects that would make them lots of money and is a conflict of interest is a crime either.

Or at least in the eyes of his brother Democrats it isn't a crime. It just make him a "regular guy" and we should celebrate his actions.

I say we celebrate his actions with a trip to the farm. A one way ticket home.

Be it ever so humble Darrel there is no place like home. Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

"It's not like . . . hiring your sister is a crime"

Why would the Times get so bent out of shape over this? Don't they have relatives working there? Oh, yeah, Thats how Jr got his job.

Try to get into National Grid for a job. No relatives there? Forget it.

Wanna teach at a local school? Better have Mom or Dad on the payroll already. Your chances rise dramatically.

Gonnna put in an app at the County or one of the Towns? Let Uncle Legislator carry your resume for you.

The North Country culture is FULL of instances where only relatives need apply. Why don't you folks gve it a rest. This is just another example where you alienate your own constituency!

Another shot in the foot moment.

Anonymous said...

IV, how do you waste a 35,000 enrollment advatage in a senate district twice in one year? What an embarassment. Hahahahahaha!
How irrelevant do you feel? You have wasted a year of your life lying about Senator Aubertine, and he still beat your boy! Hahahahahaha,

Anonymous said...

That 7:27 guy is exactly right. We have a sleazy county and a sleazy state. We've decided it is ok. Time to live with it.

That kind of behaviour has been acceptable for a long time. I'm not sure trying to make Darrel the scapegoat for the way we live is a reasonable way to campaign. It sure didn't work.

I don't think he is more of a crook than anybody else.

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