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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Watertown Daily Times - Endorses Renzi

The Watertown Daily Times endorsed David Renzi for Senate.

Here are the highlights of the editorial:
  • Under Aubertine, legislation for various communities in the district has languished.
  • New York State will be best represented by a balance of power, preventing excessive political action.
  • Upstate interests in New York State government are the domain of Republicans while Democrats are focused on downstate. 
  • We have items that downstate wants - our power and prisons. We need a representative who will demand respect and protect what we have. 
  • Even as Aubertine has been a member of a majority - his interest have been cast aside for the broader agenda of the conference. (Ineffective)
  • Dave Renzi will be effective, he will not back down from people.
This is the important part, to which I strongly agree with - Darrel Aubertine is a nice guy, but he is over his head in this job!

The second editorial worth the time invested to read - Wind Ethics.

There is an underlying message in that editorial as well. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! A real homeyown view of Darrel Auberine -i measured and cast aside.

But its really the only conclusion they could have reached.

Darrel had his chance, blew it, and its time to move on.

TF said...

The editorial board of the Watertown Daily Times consists of two brothers named Johnson. And, on balance, they are pretty nice folks. However the Johnson family circulates in the same Watertown social strata as the extended Renzi family. Dangerdemocrat would expect the loyalty that was
demonstrated in this editorial.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah. And the WDT will endorse Cantwell, McCain and McHugh. John Johnson is a viscous, spiteful, rabid republican who sees his power being nibbled away each time a Democrat is elected from the North Country. His paper has done more harm than good this town and is dying a slow death. Good riddance. Yep, just what we need in Albany -- another slick greasy lawyer.

Anonymous said...

#3....you sound just like the juvenile "writers" who pen DA's press releases and mailers. Can't stand that DA is a lowsey incumbent with no record..right?

Go back to your MTV and zone out.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong tf and you know that.

The editorial staff is

Bert Gault Executive Editor
Bob Gorman Managing Editor
Perry White City Editor
Mary Kaskan Sunday Editor
Judy Jacobs Currents Editor
Mike Mittelstadt Farm & Garden / Summer Fun Editor

The big 4 are
White, your buddy who is in the tank for Aubertine at NNY Follies

Harold Johnson is still a paper carrier someplace in a Watertown neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

To #3 -- Drew, take your meds, pal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Drew good comment about your old employer. It is amazing how fast Drew changes when Darrel starts paying him. Not to long ago he was in trouble at the times for being to close and friendly with the Republican county legislators. Now he has nothing good to say about them. Must be he dont have any friends to play cards with anymore.

Anonymous said...

The WDT endorsed Obama today. 40 years in the North Country and, I think, this is a first.

Anonymous said...

If it's Drew, he's right

If it isn't Drew, he's right

But that doesn't mean I put much stock in what the WDT says. Haven't for quite a few years now.

Joke of a paper.

Anonymous said...

WDT endorses OBama....The Gov doesn't even come near Darrell.....what kind of message is that? Darrell;s looking like a parriah to most Dems or Dem leaners. Those in the know get it...
Vote Renzi and return an adult to the 48th

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