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Monday, November 10, 2008

What Are They Thinking At JCC

Sometimes it is enough to make you wonder what planet JCC orbits. Today a news release on Newzjunky announced information about a new position for Vice President for Community Engagement. Say what?

Here is an excerpt of the release:
As Vice President for Community Engagement, Dr. Johnson will serve as the chief advancement officer for the College, overseeing the Jefferson Community College Foundation, Public Information, Continuing Education Division, Small Business Development Center, Grants Office, Institutional Technology and Institutional Research areas of Jefferson. In this position, Dr. Johnson will play a pivotal role in developing community partnerships as a key liaison with local schools, businesses, organizations and Fort Drum to strengthen and expand educational opportunities in the north country.
Read the rest here

This reads like the job description for the President of the college and the balance of the release certainly appeared to be responsibilities of the President.

It makes you wonder whether or not the college is operating in the same New York State as every other public entity, at a time when government is rolling back spending and bracing for what appears to be a 3-5 year down cycle, JCC is increasing their administrative cost, unbelievable.


Earthbob said...

More fools us.

Any fool can manage with a surplus of resources.

Good management is being able to manage with too few.

Avoiding costs is just as important as gaining funds.

JCC is an important asset to our community, and the reality is we must conserve to keep it so.

Anonymous said...

Can I be Vice President of something. You would have thought that after the Legislature called JCC to task for their grossly overambious masterplan thet the Board of Trustees would wake the F up!!

We seem to always point to the President, but where are the locally appointed Trustees on this???????? They certainly have been menatlly abducted by acedamia.

Anonymous said...

I wanna know who this guy knew. Who's prominant local citizen's daughter was he connected with? Why did WE have to provide him with an upstate NY job? Did the county legislature approve this? Who on the legislature approved this? Salary? Benefits?

Absolute BS.

They ran this through right after all that tirade about the "plan" that got delayed. Everyone who voted to think about the zillion dollar expansion lost their gonads, so now was the time to bring in some out of state administrator that we didn't need.

And I'll just bet, if you look under the blanket a little, he may very well be connected locally to some asshole who pulled the strings behind the scenes. Who does this new guy know? Don't count on the Watertown Times to look into it. They could have been the one to choose him.

Anonymous said...

Talk about duplication! Community engagement, isn't that everyone's job at the College? This is some definite fat that could have been trimmed before it was even added.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to do something about the brain drain in NNY but everyone keeps hiring from outside the area. Ms. McCoy you spoke at emergyNNY aboutkeeping the young people here with good jobs. Must be you don't do as you say.

Anonymous said...

Ok lets break down his job.

1) Oversee the JCC Foundation, I thought that is what Randy Richardson did. or are they not going to replace him.

2) Public Information, what does Pamela Dixon Public relation specialist do?

3) Small Business office, already has a director

4) Grants Office, didn't they just hire Joanne Rubar to run the grants office?

5) develop community partnerships??What is Ms. McCoy's job?

So is he going to replace the other five people and there jobs?

Hard to build community relationships when you don't hire someone from the community or someone who knows people in the community.

Anonymous said...

To me, it speaks to a lack of willingness for the president to do this type of work or a lack of competence of the people already supposed to be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Did they even have an ad for the position. I never seen one for the position.

Dan Francis said...

Bringing someone from AZ to work on our community projects - neat - so I presume we'll send a NYer to AZ to work on border issues there, eh?

What the hell does this guy know bout our community? But actually it raises the more larger question:

Our community has no one who can fit the bill?

I doubt that very much - but bringing in a guy from AZ shows we are "thinking outside the box, right?" Well, I guess it does?

Someone local would raise too many red flags; they would be too well known (and thus liked or disliked) vs. an outsider (whom no one knows - so they are clean and clear to serve here) ... yada, yada, yap, yap, etc.


Anonymous said...

Google this guy...he's somehow involved in the city council in Arizona. Hope he at least buys a house in Jefferson County.

Anonymous said...

He is on the city council where is from. He has lived there since 1975.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything this morning about if the county addressed this at the meeting last night? Wonder what they all think about it?

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything this morning about if the county addressed this at the meeting last night? Wonder what they all think about it?

Anonymous said...

And now the college is facing a possible $300,000 deficit (at least). Here's a place to save $100,000 right off the top.

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