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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Senators Skelos and Smith Talk Turkey W/ Diaz

Senator Ruben Diaz, one of the infamous Gang of Three, has invited Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and current Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith to his Thanksgiving celebration today.

The annual celebration includes $15 food vouchers handed out to 2,000 senior citizens.

Of course they will attend, both are wooing the Gang of Three in order to gain the majority.

How cozy will that be?


Dan Francis said...

Maybe he's announcing that he is becoming a GOPer - related to this story, in part:

In a move that could help woo three Democrats whose votes will determine which party will control the New York State Senate next year, Republicans are planning to grant more autonomy and power to key committees, officials said on Monday.

The most striking change will involve the Senate Finance Committee, which plays a major role in budget planning and has the power to approve all of the governor’s nominations to top executive branch jobs. Under the plan, the Finance Committee would be given its own funds in the state budget, allowing it to operate almost independently from the rest of the Senate. Traditionally in the Legislature, committee leaders are effectively figureheads who defer to the Senate and Assembly leaders.

But the change would also empower Senate Republicans to offer an especially attractive post to one of the three Democrats — Senators Rubén Díaz Sr. and Carl Kruger and Senator-elect Pedro Espada Jr. — who have not yet committed to supporting Malcolm A. Smith, the Senate’s top Democrat. Mr. Smith needs their votes to become majority leader when the Senate meets in January.

As Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story CLICK HERE

* These gang of 3 crap is what is bad about Albany and politics in general ... if they want to be a GOPer, then re-register as one and make it "legal," and stop jerking around their DEM supporters and the rest of the entire state.

This is prety awful.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Crooked politicians, Danny.
That's what they are.
Not like its an unusual thing.
But I understand your upsettedness.

Anonymous said...

Explain something to me Danny. Or anyone for that matter. We have a completely dysfunctional government here in NY. They are dishonest to a point of being criminals, not all but most. In a world that worked, they would be either unemployed or in jail. Our representatives will fix nothing, will sacrifice all to special interests, and will sell out the future of our state (and our kids) to keep this game going. They have overseen the complete disintegration of our state, and will continue to do so. Our only defense, as citizens, is in my opinion, gridlock. The less they do, the better. If they are "functioning", they will spend money we don't have, regulate us with no basic purpose but to placate special interests, continue limit freedoms, then give us grants of our own money, for which our local paper will provide a photo op to frame our gratitude. Danny, this isn't a criticism of you in particular, but aren't we better off if these three nut cases from wherever work together to gum up the works? If it were up to me, I'd like to see each and every one of these "officials" take a cruise in the North Atlantic, full speed ahead during iceberg season. Take the batteries out of the radio.

Where am I wrong? When these guys are fighting amongst themselves, my dog and I feel safe and secure, and the future looks brighter and happier.

Dan Francis said...

8:46 Anon: I see it the way you laid it out, too, and with my twist (not spin, but insight this way):

1. It gets worse each cycle.

2. There are smart voters and not-so-smart voters -- the smart voters are quickly becoming the endangered species in the process.

3. Everyone knows that once a person wins and thus becomes the incumbent, their power muliplies by a factor of 10 -- dislodging them is nearly impossible short of them being indicted as an axe murderer. When they resign over a scandal, they usually blame everything except themselves.

4. Most incumbents stay in office on a theme of bullshit on top of the bullshit they already peddled to win in the first place: themes that appeal, yet say little in the scheme of actually getting things done.

5. Trying to change the public's mindset is next to impossible and unseating the aforementioned incumbent: simply impossible.

But that does not mean that we must never give up trying!

Government is supposed to work and produce results for the public; not for those in office.

Naive, I know, but the way I feel.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan, I think we should buy them purple bmw's, private planes, mistresses, inlimited expense accounts, and assign a state lawyere who can pull their necks out of any trouble then get into. That's pretty much the way albany works right now.
Quit the pretense of being honorable leaders. Thery're not. Let then fully enjoy the reputation they deserve. They can't hurt us any more than they have.

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