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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 21, 2008

R.I.P. - DD?

Antithesis blog Danger Democrat has gone dark all of a sudden. The blog posts page has been scrubbed with only the archives left, it is like Ted went into a raging fit, but he states he is just on hiatus.

  1. PIV certainly hopes all is well over there.
  2. How long will it last?
  3. Is DD re-inventing himself, as he has done before?
  4. Did the white knight blog PIV finally slay the dragon blog? (don't get excited folks, just joking)
  5. PIV understands a hiatus, maintaining a blog of commentary and information passing can be a lot of work. It involves reviewing and briefing over 200+ headlines and stories every day looking for information to pass along. 


Anonymous said...

It is all rather abrupt. Looks like a case for the intrepid Jude Seymour to sort out...

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just wanted to take a break after the election.

Or maybe he was the victim of budget cuts. Oh, that's right, there never are any of those.

Or maybe he just started feeling guilty for all the misleading..no, no donkey has any guilt.

I have no idea why Ted disappeared.

Dan Francis said...


1. The "fairness" doctrine finally caught up with Ted.

2. He was in that video standing behind Palin killing that turkey.

3. He is taking an extended Thansgiving break.

4. Obama's team is venting or is it vetting him for a possible post as the North Country's premier blogger to represent them.

5. Gov. Paterson told him to cool it for a few days while he was being considered for HILL's vacant senate seat.

~ damn, I wanted that last choice myself... LOL

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Dan.
Happy Thanksgiving to YOU.

Anonymous said...

Ted didn't get that high paying Power Authority job did he?

Dan Francis said...

Enjoy Thanksgiving to all who post here.

Remember to be thankful for what we as a country have (and esp what you and your family have) -

Eat and enjoy the day - that's the purpose - then do a few extra situps and treadmill routines a day or so later after the last pumpkin pie is wolfed down - (that's my routine) ...

Enjoy to all. * Then get ready for Christmas shopping - damn!!!

SmallTownAmerica said...


"5. Gov. Paterson told him to cool it for a few days while he was being considered for HILL's vacant senate seat."

That could very well be it. Dave offered me Hill's spot a few days ago, but I had to turn it down--I'm much too busy with girl scouts and all...you know how it is.


Dan Francis said...

S.T.A.: too busy with the girl scouts you say - I wonder what that means - I assume you're a "girl" yourself; if not, girls!!! beware...

LOL (just joking)....(I'm still waiting on the Gov's call) - now that's really dreaming, eh? LOL

J.C. aka pg said...

No mention of GSA here but I did call Ted .......

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