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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minority Caucus Statements

It is easy to make such statements when they do not determine the final action that will be required. This is the role of the loyal opposition, to throw the bombs without having to bare the brunt of the decision.

- New York State Senate Democrats -

Today, Governor Paterson took the courageous first stepof reducing spending and addressing the budget gap. We are facing tougheconomic times and Governor Paterson’s approach is a prudent way tohelp New York State regain fiscal solvency.
The Senate Democratic Conference supports his efforts and asks forthe support and unity of all New Yorkers as we make the difficultdecisions necessary to get New York working again. The SenateDemocratic Conference is considering a number of proposals to help meetour financial challenges. We remain committed to working with theGovernor, Speaker Silver and our legislative leaders to cut wastefulspending while preserving money for vital services and growing theeconomy.

- New York State Assembly Republicans -

Our Conference appreciates and acknowledges GovernorPaterson’s efforts to respond to these challenging fiscal times byoffering substantive proposals that would address the root causes ofNew York’s deepening financial crisis. We will carefully examine theGovernor’s proposed cuts as we move toward our Special Session nextweek.
We are concerned about the Governor’s recent reference to possiblyrolling back the gas tax cap, which is ultimately a tax hike onconsumers. Now is definitely not the time to be raising taxes on NewYorkers. A gas tax hike would hit Upstate and Long Island motoristsespecially hard, which is exactly the wrong prescription for dealing with this recession. The Governor has previously indicated that tax hikes should not be part ofa solution to the current state fiscal crisis. On behalf of theUpstate and Long Island families our Conference proudly represents, weask the Governor to honor that sentiment as this process moves forward.

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Anonymous said...

What realy needs to be fixed is New Yorks Legislature. Until we take control away from the Majority leaders (Silver and Skelos)we might as well send the rest of the legislature home and that would be a big budget savings. Why should good policy be shot down because it is from a wrong party member, that just the way it is in New York.
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