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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bullshit Meter Tilts

Aubertine held a meet and greet in Alex Bay yesterday and some things he said in the "you tube" clip sent the bullshit meter into tilt territory.

First, he makes light of Renzi's ad, but obviously it is effective and is having an impact and it is dangerous to understimate its impact. 

Second, he states his campaign has stayed focused on the issues and has been not "throwing stones at the other guy." Hard to believe he even uttered those words with a straight face and worse yet maybe the people believed him.

Third, he takes a shot at Senator Wright and implies he was not present in Oswego County while he represented them. Aubertine states it like he is a gift to Oswego County by attending dinners and doing door to door. It would be a safe venture to say Darrel never did door to door in any election unless he was opposed, and you can be assured Wright maintained his presences in Oswego County or he would have ran into opposition in his many years, you do not survive by ignoring your constituents.

Ahhh, political rhetoric at its best. 

See the clip here


Anonymous said...

Oboy another hate Darrel post.

SmallTownAmerica said...


What happened to your creed, "A little cleansing of the political rhetoric by providing a Check and Balance?"

I see a lot of Democrat bashing and very little, if any, equal bashing time given to the Republicans.

Is it your contention that the Republican candidates are beyond reproach?

Perhaps you should revise your statement to read, "A little cleansing of the Democrat political rhetoric by providing a Check and Balance." Either way, I will still read your blog--but changing your statement clarifies your intentions and is less likely to mislead any readers happening in here unawares looking for an unbiased view.

Anonymous said...

I thought Darrel Aubertine was talking about his first eight months in the Senate, when he was talking about how people had not heard from their representative.

After all, the Mayor of Ogdensburg is on the record saying he hasn't heard from Darrel in six years!

And Governor Paterson says he's not heard from Darrel either.

Anonymous said...

Actually, not a single person ever challenged Wright, Democrat OR one of your Republicans. So how would we have ever known if he was doing a good job? In 2004, he actually got LESS votes unopposed, than other unopposed candidates. Get your facts straight.

pguston said...

Anonymous 5:47 pm not only did Gov. Paterson say that he had not heard from Darrel, he also said he had not seen him either......but that was back in June....it does not mean that Darrel was not around...

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