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Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey Darrel You Missed One

NYSUT has reversed their position on endorsements. They "suspended" their endorsements over the tax cap debate, but now they are back into the political fray.

Strangely enough, they endorsed their usual slate of incumbents both Democrats and Republicans and they have always been big supporters of Darrel Aubertine.

Oops not this time the only Democrat left off their list was Aubertine.

*Note to his supporters, do not attempt to tell people it is because he is gaining his independence. He is tied so tight to unions that he bleeds special interest, he takes special interest positions over farming interest.*
Here is the list



Anonymous said...

WATERTOWN, N.Y., Oct. 20, 2008 — State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine called a press conference today to address the lies, negative campaigning and improper actions of Attorney Dave Renzi and his campaign.

"Today, David Renzi's negative campaign has crossed the line. He is engaged spreading lies and calling me names that go beyond the pale of what is honest and decent," Sen. Aubertine said in his press conference. "From day one of this campaign, Mr. Renzi has been spreading lies and telling people misleading information. He lied to all of us when he said was going to run a positive and uplifting campaign. He has run the nastiest most dishonest campaign the good people of Central and Northern New York have ever seen."

The Senator took Mr. Renzi to task for lying about the Senator's record on property taxes, school aid and more. Now, Mr. Renzi continues to lie about his campaigns involvement in dirty tricks during the campaign and his involvement in receiving pension credits illegally.

"He has lied about his knowledge of long island style dirty tricks, as his campaign sent its goons into my office just this weekend to take campaign materials," Sen. Aubertine said. "He has lied about his stance on reform, paying for his whole negative campaign with millions from the Long Island senators who have stood in the way of reform for the past decade."

"He has lied about open government, as he has been unwilling to release any details about his improper contract with the town of Pamelia, with which he received 4 years of improper pension credits," he added. "He lied about the laws he has broken, telling people that the pension laws have changed. These laws have not changed, and he has been breaking these laws for 4 years."

"I am not going to allow it anymore. It is time for Mr. Renzi to tell the truth," he continued. "Tell us why you asked to receive improper pension credits. Tell us why you took these credits for 4 years, in clear violation of state law. Tell us how much you stood to gain from these illegal credits – did these credits make you vested in the retirement system, as the town of Pamelia has said."

Anonymous said...

Ineffective Darrel. On schools. On taxes. On ethics.

Anonymous said...

Political IV said...

So you think special interests are more important than individual voters?


August 13, 2008 4:23 PM

The above was a comment you made in August regarding NYSUT.
Dont you remember writing that IV? You should applaud the Senator for not cowtowing to the, as you put it "special interests."
FYI, NYSUT hasnt always supported Darrel, look who they endorsed in February. They supported Barclay, he must be the guy who thinks special interests are more important than individual voters. Isnt that sad?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so Darrel wouldn't have accepted the endorsement if offered? Come on!

Being the ONLY legislator overlooked by one of the state's most powerful unions is news, folks.

Sadly, the Times would rather focus on a three-day old story about oveer-exuberant campaign volunteers.

Great job keeping the voters informed.

Anonymous said...

Son of Sam?


Republican distress signal?


Anonymous said...

I guess the anon poster can't read. The WDT covered the NYSUT story. You can read it here.


Anonymous said...

ALBANY — Concerned about possible job losses through state budget cuts, the powerful New York State United Teachers is taking a vote today about endorsing all 30 state Senate Republicans after their leader pledged to block any attempt to reduce education spending.
The endorsement of several Democrats is also expected to be considered by NYSUT board members in balloting.
The vote could change the dynamics in the ever-shifting, who's-in-who's-out battle for the Senate majority, as Republicans seek to keep control of the house and Democrats work to unseat them.

That was from timesunion.com

I was at the meetings. So let me put something in perspective.
Yes, our intent was to endorse all 30 Republicans. However, when it came to Senator Aubertine who did not have our endorsement from the get-go, our concern with his race was with his opponent's history with the NYSTR and NYSRS. His opponent, Mr. Renzi, Republican was flagged because of his attempt to cheat the system that we have work hard to maintain. Thus, no endorsement.

Anonymous said...

WATERTOWN, N.Y., Oct. 21, 2008 — Details of the Renzi campaign's scheme to infiltrate the Aubertine volunteer effort continue to come to light, as the Renzi campaign is forced to back away from its initial vociferous denials about the illegal trespassing and theft involving the "Renzi 3."

The Renzi campaign's denials reached a climax on Monday when Dave Renzi himself was asked by Channel 7 reporter Alexandra Field point blank whether three members of his campaign staff entered Aubertine headquarters claiming to be willing volunteers.

Mr. Renzi looked into the camera and told the citizens of Central and Northern New York: "Absolutely not. Absolutely not. That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

Today, however, the Renzi campaign has been forced to admit that it was in fact behind the dirty-tricks activity in which three Renzi campaign workers entered the Aubertine campaign headquarters, attempted to deceive Aubertine volunteers, and made off with campaign materials and property.

The Watertown Daily Times reports today, "Mr. Renzi's campaign acknowledged Monday that their volunteers, whose names they did not release, attended the Democrat's rally," which was held inside the Aubertine headquarters.

Mr. Renzi's full-throated denial came two days after the incident, and one day after the Watertown Daily Times reported the incident in its Sunday edition.
On Monday, Aubertine campaign officials discussed the matter with local law enforcement officials, and are unlikely to pursue formal charges. Still, there are many questions about the incident that remain unanswered.

"The first question the public deserves to know is: Why did Dave Renzi look straight into the camera and lie to all of us about this incident?" said Aubertine Campaign Coordinator Cort Ruddy. "Did he just think he would get away with it, like his pension scam? Did he think if he denied it loudly enough, his lie would become true?"

Mr. Ruddy also questioned what this says about Mr. Renzi's willingness to lie to us in general.

"The Renzi campaign is trying to dismiss this as a third-rate dirty trick. I do not think it was, but the question then becomes, why did Mr. Renzi lie about something he considers insignificant?," Asked Mr. Ruddy, "If he is willing to lie about this, can we really trust him with the big issues?"

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