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Monday, October 20, 2008

Carthage Central School 12 Honors Class Meet and Greet

The 12 Honors Class of Carthage High School will host a Meet and Greet town hall style meeting with Dave Renzi tonight October 20th at 7:00pm, Village of West Carthage Community Room.

Everyone is welcome.

Darrel Aubertine was offered the same opportunity, at first he did not respond, then after prompting his campaign responded but a date has not been set by Aubertine campaign yet.

(Hint Hint: the Election is in two weeks)


Anonymous said...

Darrel don't want to have to answer really questions without Drew speaking for him.

Anonymous said...

Good one PIV.

dog is eating now

Anonymous said...

Will this meeting in Carthage School count towards Renzi retirement?

Anonymous said...

Atleast Dave is making an attemp to talk to voters in the area. Dave refuses to come to the area. Kind of like the help he brought to the area in the last six months. ABSENT

Anonymous said...

Darrel refused to come to the area. Sorry.

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