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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 13, 2008

Senate Majority

A post last week questioned whether or not the Senate Majority would flip to the Democrats. The Republicans appear to be ahead in one race that is currently occupied by a Democrat, while the Republicans appear to be defending their incumbent seats sufficiently enough to hold on to them. If the Republicans continue toward picking up a Democratic seat then Democrats would have to win three other seats in the state to gain the majority. There is a real chance that this will not occur and the Senate will remain in control of the Republicans thus preserving a system of check and balance in place for New York State government.

BUT, let's take a look at one party control of states around the country and image for a moment if this were to occur in New York State, that thought is a bit sobering.

Since 2002 the Democrats have taken complete control of Executive and Legislative branches of government in six states. Here is what happened in the states where one party rules.

Taxes Soared!
  • New Jersey has raised 94 separate taxes and fees.
  • Washington enacted 80 tax and fee hikes.
  • New Hampshire raised 24 taxes and fees, including hunting and auto fees.
  • Colorado tax increase violated the state constitution, which requires a referendum.
Spending Soared!
  • New Jersey increased spending by 50 percent.
  • Washington spent $8 billion more, increasing spending by 31 percent.
  • New Hampshire increased spending by 17 percent, in a single year, 6 times the rate of inflation.
  • Vermont enacted the biggest one year spending hike in state history.
And Debt!
  • New Jersey doubled their debt.
  • New Hampshire increased state debt by $91 billion.
  • Oregon increased state borrowing by 35 percent.
Sheldon Silver would be the kingpin in New York State government with the Democrats controlling the Executive branch, Senate and Assembly majorities and Silver and the Democrats have shown a propensity to spend. If we can't afford what we have currently, then we certainly can not afford a single party rule.


Anonymous said...

Taxes soared! Spending soared! And debt! Sounds just like Northern New York Republicans

Anonymous said...

Huh? That's not a smart statement. Makes no sense.

Back to the topic. Check out what has happened to Michigan. That place is in deep trouble too. But they want it that way. Everyone with the option to move has done so. Here we still have our bureaucratic class, and our bums.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good signs in Oswego. All along 49 nothing but Aubertine signs. Even downtown Phoenix. How is Renzi's negative morality campaign working for him in JeffCo? Did Renzi pay the money back yet? Teachers and state workers are keeping an eye on him.

Anonymous said...

Taxes soared! Spending soared! And debt! Sounds like the budgets that Darrel Aubertine has voted for repeatedly!

Raising spending in six years by $35 BILLION!

This year alone, voting TWICE to raise spending by TWICE the rate of inflation!

(Did Darrel misunderstand that there was a housing crisis and a brewing stock market crash?)

But, what the heck. Why should NJ have all the fun. We could beat them in higher debt/spending and taxes. We just need a Democrat Senate to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

The pro-Darrel crowd wants to shift the focus to Renzi, who voluntarily withdrew from the pension system without collecting any benefit.

And Darrel paid back the money for hiring his sister ... when?

Anonymous said...

Republicans are worst with tax and spend policies than democrats in this state. Look at Joe Bruno and his strong labor ties all throughout his tenure. The democrats in the Assembly actually came in with the lowest spending plan for this years budget. The Democratic state governor has already cut millions from the budget and is slated to cut more next year. If you want less taxes and spending, vote democrat this year.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
The pro-Darrel crowd wants to shift the focus to Renzi, who voluntarily withdrew from the pension system without collecting any benefit.
And Darrel paid back the money for hiring his sister ... when?

Hey treat yourself, anon, and go to the Junky or Danger Dem, if you dare and see how Republicans downstate handle guys like Renzi who steal from taxpayers. Renzi campaing has been screwed by his own ilk by an ad chastising crooked lawyers who committed fraud by doing the same stuff as Renzi and his partners.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who claims that Republicans have been worse than Dems with spending... you ain't entirely wrong. They each have their special interests, and neither of them seems to be interested in our children or our taxpayers. They love our welfare bums, our teachers, our public employees, and most of all, themselves. There is truth to what you say. Neither party can stand up to special interests. Now that we're broke, they might not have much choice. But even when faced with what was coming, they spent at over twice the rate of inflation, and called it "for the children". Assholes. Sorry Ted.

Anonymous said...

The Anon above who said,
Assholes. Sorry Ted.
I think you are lost

PCS said...

I agree with this post. Democrats should be more like Republicans. They should cut taxes and then spend. Hell, let our kids pay the debts.

Anonymous said...

Has Darrel paid back the money YET?????

Anonymous said...

Nope, not lost.


Sometimes, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the parties. Our only hope is to educate voters that spending is not the answer. Especially when we don't have the money. But we seem to be nowhere close on that either. We love stuff, and we love to spend, and we really, really care.

RWiley said...

anonymous said...
Has Darrel paid back the money YET?????

I know you are anxious, but, no. But he tried to. They sent it back.

You see, if Darrel is allowed to pay the money back, Dave Renzi's campaign will have to face their own issue of the Attorney General's investigation of his trying to take New York State Retirement Credits that he didn't deserve.

Dave Renzi and the Watertown Times would like you to think that it was no big deal, that David, a lawyer, was confused, that they changed the rules and lawyers all over the State were doing it.

No way does the Dave Renzi campaign want Darrel to pay back that money.

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