"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's At Stake

This is a lift from The Valley News, written by Vice President Ronald Caravan which pretty much sums up what is at stake here with a Democratic monopoly of state government. He did omit one important item, reapportionment of the Assembly, Senate and Congressional seats. Congress McHugh's seat and representation of the North Country will be at stake in this election as well.
"With a Democrat governor and Democrats perpetually in control of the State Assembly, control of the Senate is definitely the elephant in the room where state-government elections are concerned this year, and the potential consequences of granting the Democrats a monopoly may not be weighing on the minds of voters as much as it should."
"In New York State government, with so much power vested in just three elected officials—the governor, the Assembly speaker, and the Senate majority leader—if the Republicans lose the Senate majority and Democrats possess all three of the power positions, the road will be wide open for an even more leftward tilt in Albany and big-government legislation (higher spending) that favors New York City and downstate interests over upstate."


Anonymous said...

One problem with this really lame reason to elect Renzi: divided government hasn't work so well for the North Country.

It's a shame the author (and you) ignore that reality.

NO more spending said...

If divided government has not worked so well for the North Country, then neither has Aubertine.

He has been there for 6 years!

It is time for a change - VOTE RENZI

Anonymous said...

Vote Against Wind

Write in Scott Gray for Assembly

Vote David Renzi for Senator

Anonymous said...

This guy may like to know that Dean Skelos is NOT from Upstate.


Anonymous said...

Complete control of NYS government by Democrats is not in anyone's interest. Just because divided govt has had problems is no reason to justify that move. Unless you're a donkey with no mind of your own. Then it's a great idea.

Talk about lame.

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