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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ogdensburg Journal - "Vote Renzi For Senate"

The Ogdensburg Journal editorial endorsement of Dave Renzi touched on several items that have also been highlighted here during Darrel Aubertine's brief but tumultuous tenure as a Senator.

The editorial highlighted:

Empire Zone - Aubertine voted for an Empire Zone measure that directly contradicted the desires of Watertown Mayor Jeff Graham, Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson and an earlier editorial written in the Ogdensburg Journal. The Senator had to reverse his position and later called for the Governor to veto the bill that he supported.

Wind - contrary to the Attorney General and ethics rulings, Aubertine continues to believe local officials should vote on wind energy projects even if they stand to benefit financially.

Ethics Law - Aubertine hired his sister, which was in direct violation of legislation that he co-sponsored.

From the editorial, "We need an advocate in Albany, not an apologist."

Click on the editorial to the right to read it.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...so according to your recap, and forgive me for not having read the article itself, the author gave only reasons NOT to vote for Aubertine. I don't see any reason TO vote for Renzi. But that's been his entire campaign, hasn't it? Renzi has been doing a lot of whining and finger pointing. Gee...sounds like the kind of guy I want representing me in Albany. They'll chew him up and spit him out like the insignificant gnat that he is.

Anonymous said...

They endorsed Barclay last time. As did Syracuse Post-Standard. As did Watertown Daily Times. Who really cares? These don't make a difference.

Anonymous said...

St. Law County Papers produce nothing but garbage anyway. The only people who read this paper are GOP voters anyway.

Anonymous said...

Once again, when everyone doesn't fall right in with the Darrel Aubertine One of Us cult, the haters charge up their laptops and start the attacks.

GOP newspapers?

No one reads editorial anyway?

This stuff is hilarious but for the fact that so much is at stake.

Pull your heads out of your * ahem * sand. Your guy is -- as the Journal was honest enough to note -- "ineffective" and remarkably so.

Haven't we suffered enough under Darrel's non-effort, follow-the-(downstate) leader style?

Four more days, people, unril we get to voice our choice for change. Go Renzi.

Then the haters can crawl back under their rocks for two more years.

Anonymous said...

'Haters?' How very 'gangsta' of you. Bottom line, Renzi has built his campaign on negativity. He came out with guns a'blazin! But he's still given so little proof that HE is the right man for the job! I loved the question that someone asked Renzi at the last debate. Renzi was saying how long our area has been neglected and he's not going to take it anymore blah, blah, blah. Someone made the very valid point that Wright was in office for a VERY long time and "represented" us for years. If he was so unhappy why didn't he run against him? Renzi babbled on and on, never answering the question. He's a schmuck! A shady, untrustworthy schmuck at that!

Anonymous said...

To add on that last commenter, Renzi railed on Speaker Silver and the assembly and said things needed to change. If that is the case Dave, why didnt you run for assembly in an open seat and rid us all of Shelly Silver. Because I can assure you, that you will not be able to do anything about Shelly from the Senate chambers

Anonymous said...

OMG!! What?? The Watertown Daily Times endorsed Renzi?? Can't believe it. As much as they have always hated Darrel, they wouldn't endorse his re-election bid? They have never forgiven Darrel for declaring a State of Emergency during the Ice Storm (when he was chair of the county legislature). That declaration meant the WDT aka Johnson publications - could not get their papers out on the street.
Let's get real - that's what this is all about folks.
BTW what has Renzi ever done for anyone but himself?

Anonymous said...

The Ogdensburg Journal is a weekly newspaper published on a daily basis - and also part of the Johnson newspaper monopoly in St.Lawrence County.

Anonymous said...

We now have schmuck as part of the NNY lexicon for our election cycle.

I'm so excited about the schmuck opportunity. Pardon me, but isn't that a term that might be more applicable to leader Shelly than either of our Senate candidates? Maybe I have it wrong, not being aware of the practices.

Schmuck sounds like something you can't catch until the DEC says it's in season. You have to cook 'em good or you can catch something. I had no idea the term was political.


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