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Monday, October 27, 2008

By The Numbers

Senate District 48:  by the numbers post by LoHud

2008: 50,275 vs. 2006: 51,069

2008: 79,500 vs. 2006: 85,049

2008: 36,545 vs. 200: 37,475


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting yet again how much of a joke Barclay is for loosing this race, and how much of a joke Renzi will be once he looses.

Anonymous said...

Numbers meant nothing back in that race where Darrel wupped you know who 3 to 1.

Anonymous said...

you guys lost 7,000 voters vs. 1000 for dems and indies? i wonder why that would be.

Anonymous said...


Let me tell you why. First I am supporting Renzi since he will bring new blood to the senate. I asked myself one question. Is NYS legislature less dysfunctional since Aubertine went to Albany 5 years ago? The answer is a resounding NO! He has done nothing other than follow the leader since being elected. He had his chance now it's Renzi's turn.

Jenne-Russell is getting my vote since has more experience than Cantwell. Neither candidate has any baggage that I can see and neither has failed as miserably as Aubertine. Russell being a female gets my vote. I brings gender balance to our representatives.

Anonymous said...

None of the jokers running for this Assembly seat have the tools to represent us. Addie's a joke, Cantwell's not ready and Lucas is just out to lunch.

Sad, but true....

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