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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Numbers - Roll'em

The New York State budget is like watching a telethon where Jerry Lewis periodically looks at Ed McMahon and says "roll'em." Every time we turn around the Governor is rolling out new deficit numbers.

Today according to his news release, the Governor promised, "There is no segment of this budget that will not be cut." The picture for New York is grim; 160,000 jobs gone, this year's deficit has now approached $1.5 billion while next year's deficit is $12.50 billion and the year following next is $15.8 billion. This is all due to a decrease in revenue and double the rate of inflation SPENDING increases that cannot be sustained while at the same time New York has been managed so fiscally tight that there are no reserves to weather this economic downturn. 



Anonymous said...

And Bobby Cantwell honestly thinks we can balance the budget by finding 12.5 BILLION in wasteful spending, thats a joke. And on top of that he wants to reduce taxes. So with these tax breaks were looking at about a 20 BILLION deficit to pull ourselves out of. What a joke, I hope no one is buying this campaign BS. Atleasat Addie is being honest with all of us about what she will be able to do if elected.

Anonymous said...

To all you Reps who will refuse to raise taxes on millionaires, how do you recommend we pull ourselves out of this hole while providing further tax breaks? Cutting wasteful spending? HAHA, good luck finding 12.5B in the next year. Across the board budget cuts? HAHA, the state will hardly be able to sustain that without MASS layoffs. So please, somone let me know how we should balance the budget without raising taxes on millionaires....i'll be waiting...

Anonymous said...

Who cares? As long as my ox doesn't get gored. Screw your kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, the HAHA guy. So you think raising taxes on anyone is the answer? Have you noticed how many people have left NY, and how many "millionaires" will leave if you raise taxes on them yet again?
What a damn fool. But that's about all we have left here in the Empire State. Welfare bums, gov't employees (who haven't left yet), and fools. Some of us fit all three categories.

UH what is it, brainy?

Anonymous said...

I still havent seen you offer foward another solution....

Anonymous said...

Yup. FREEZE spending, and mean it. Not the lies we've been seeing the state do for years and years.

Freeze hiring, and mean it. Not the lies we've been seeing the state do for years and years. There has been a state hiring freeze in effect for a decade. It takes approval from the budget office to hire. Approval takes place all the time, especially if your daddy knows someone. Ergo, there is NO FREEZE. Never has been.

Freeze ALL property taxes. Tell the schools, no matter how much they love children, that next year they have to live on what they got this year. Families do it all the time. The teacher union can do it too.

Co-pays for all gov't employees should be standardized. There is no reason for some people to be paying $5 copays, or less. If you buy a drug or see a doc a $20 co-pay is doable. It would cut down on all the bs medical stuff and make people think before they went to the doc. This should be true for public assistance folks too.

ONE school superintendent per county. Maryland does it that way, or at least has a county wide district organizational structure. I don't care if Lyme still has a district. Hell, make a school district out of WalMart for all I care. But we don't need 14 or so superintendents each making six figures plus benefits.

Keep schools open year round to utilize the buildings. Because of the insane contracts we have bestowed on the inspirational leadership of our schools, there is little chance we can get them to work full time. Therefore, I propose we build a high-speed monorail system directly to the Bahamas. If we drop their class teaching loads to 4, we can get them out of work at 1pm, which would allow them time to travel, after school, to the beautiful islands to recover from their stressful day. No doubt they would use the extra time to grade papers and/or participate in cathartic yoga classes.

Make sure more that 4 kids ride a damn school bus. Every day I see one with a handfull, designed to carry 40 or 50. That would cut fuel costs. You know, the green thing. Global warming. HOT topic.

Continue the move towards cleaning up the retirement system. LOTS of folks have bought into that thing who should not have been given the opportunity to do so.

Stop giving away money to companies, such as McGrann paper, who take the bucks then run out of state. No more welfare for companies that leave.

If you make a baby with your girlfriend, fine. We pay, pay pay pay, like we always do. If you take up drugs, don't work, get drunk, and make another baby, we'll pay pay pay again, just like we always do. If you make a third baby, we take you ice fishing. Promise. Along with your lawyer and public defender.

Chain gangs.

Regarding chain gangs. I believe that work crews, supervised by Dept of Corrections, are a good thing. I think they should be expanded and efforts made to see if they really work. If not, take the inmates ice fishing.

Free dog food.
NOT Purina.
Eukanuba for all.
Even if the dog doesn't work.
Even if he/she has two babies.
If he has three or more, take him ice fishing. And his lawyer, his public defender and his SSI disability appeal representative.

Anonymous said...

If we freeze spending were still 12.5B in the hole for next year....how are we going to get back to neutral?

Anonymous said...

If the freezes fail to balance the budget, make the cuts even, across the board, for everybody.

Establish a hotline to take calls from people, ANYBODY, who has a problem with not getting enough money.

My dog will take the calls.

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