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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congressional Race

Is there a Congressional race in the 23rd district?

Oh that's right, that Out Oot fella, he announced what seems like a year ago and there has been no sign of him since, but there is a yard sign oot out so his campaign still has a pulse.

We turn our attention to the Sweetland / Maffei & Rangel race in central New York. Maffei has pretty close ties to embattled Charlie Rangel and Sweetland points that out.


PCS said...

That's odd. Mike Oot has been to Saranac Lake 4 times now. Maybe you just aren't paying attention.

Dan Francis said...

I have been tracking McHugh and Oot and their stealth campaigns. It's my civic duty.

Watch 'em run away!

Anonymous said...

Can Charlie Rangel be any more disgusting? And I'm not talking about his appearance on the beach. I'm talking about his arrogance, condescension and outright thievery of public monies. He is an embarassment and should get the hell out of Congress. If a Republican behaved this way Nancy Peloser would have his head on a stick at the Capitol steps. Friggin' hypocrites!!

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