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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nepotism, Ethics - It Is Not Negative, It Is An Issue!

A new campaign ad in the 48th Senate District race. This ad deals with the issue of ethics and specifically the violation of Darrel Aubertine hiring his sister. This is a legitimate campaign issue, much like the Democratic candidate Rich Dollinger's ad in Monroe County.


Dan Francis said...

Anything is an issue and when an incumbent is connected to the issue, however it is raised, then then incumbent [he or she] MUST explain their vote, reason, justification, rationale, etc.

It's called accountability - then the voters should pick through and determine the truth or not - it's up to them to figure out, isn't it [hopefully]?

Dan Francis said...

My last point ...

If there is anyone in elected or appointed office who does not know what Nepotism means, then they ought not be in office themselves.

Why do I say this?

"Simple: They can't be trusted with lawmaking, if they can't see their own lawbreaking!"

RWiley said...

The issue of Darrel being "corrupt" is old and well discussed.

The issue of "honest and positive" Dave Renzi is new and his personality has just been been transformed into "lying, negative, and not trustworthy".

The Republican campaign just blew it.

Anonymous said...

He hired his sister?

How come we don't read about that in the Times?

Anonymous said...

12:32...give me a break.It is clearly IV posting anonymous comments in response to his anonymous blog like usual.

RWiley said...

"He hired his sister?

How come we don't read about that in the Times?"

Because it is very old news and a situation that was taken care of quickly and honestly by Darrel. However, Republicans are grasping for anything they can after the results of the Seina poll.. In my 63 years of reading the Times, I have never found it necessary for them to repeat old stories for inattentive readers. They have great archives, though:

Published on April 29, 2008, Page A1, Watertown Daily Times
State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent, said Monday night that his sister, Debra A. Wiley, Cape Vincent, has resigned her position as a constituent liaison in his office. Ms. Wiley was appointed to the post last week, but a statement issued by Sen. Aubertine's communications director, Drew G. Mangione, said questions on whether the appointment followed state law prompted the senator to investigate the propriety of the move. The questions were posed Monday by the Watertown.

The recent news here is that Dave Renzi is being redefined from positive to negative. The Times has been reporting on that, too.

Dan Francis said...

Aubertine hiring his sister was all over the news - please stay awake in class - your grades are suffering.


RWiley said...

Here is an advertisement that uses child actors just like Dave Renzi. Is Renzi so inept that he can't even think for himself and has to take someone elses work and attach his endorsement?

This is kinda like taking a form letter and attaching your name.

Renzi Copies Ad

Anonymous said...

do any of you work?

Anonymous said...

Psst, rwiley, you were supposed to add "Darrel is one of us" to the end of that last post. In the future, please follow the script.

Thanks. werD.

Anonymous said...

DF -- It's certainly all over the news now. Just saw the spot three times.

Anonymous said...

Both IV and DD have similar posts on the Ad. I kind of think it works. (better than that kids one.) From what I see its factual, not calling names, but raising good questions.

RWiley, don't you think Aubertine should have known better? Everytime a new issue comes up all we get is excuses.

It must be a hell of a challenge for Drew. From an uncoverer to a coveruper.

Regardless of the results, I think that people are starting to care about the senate staying in the republicans hands. More for a check and balance than on positions.

This could get interesting.

RWiley said...

"Psst, rwiley, you were supposed to add "Darrel is one of us" to the end of that last post. In the future, please follow the script."

"Darrel is one of us"

Thanks. It is positive and it has stuck. It has been mentioned on this blog several times already and by the opposition !

I am at a loss right now to think of one thing that has stuck from the Renzi ads as he flips from positive ads to the flop of negative ads.

Anonymous said...

renzis campaign has lost this race and this blog is part of the reason why. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a terrible decision by Aubertine to hire his sister. And why shouldn't it be brought up again during the campaign. If it were an old DWI or something it wouldn't bother me as much. But this kind of behavior is directly related to the kind of problems our legislature is faced with. I do not think Darrell is a crook, but I think it's fair game for debate.

As far as some readers not being aware of the hiring, I can understand. Lots of people don't live this stuff like some others. They're busy working to pay the taxes so all the NY state programs can be "fully funded". Somebody has to do it. Not everyone can be on disability.

Anonymous said...

Darrel is one of us, he has only been gaffed by NYC democrats, first the assembly now the senate. It is always negative when it is about our candidate, but in this case it also happens to be true. The problem we have here is Darrel voted on an ethic issue and just went ahead and broke his co-sponsored law or he relied on his staff to interpret, write, and how to vote on the bill and he did even know right from wrong. Depending how you look at this, we should have issue with Darrel’s decision.
Hey, the democrats used that “negative ad” on Barkley and it worked. By the way it was the worst campaign ever run! Why not use it again. We really need to see Darrel for what he is, what he votes for, what he stands up for, and how he deals with ethic issues this is the man we chose to represent us. Call it negative ads or call it the TRUTH. I want the truth.
Thank you,
Poly Info Mation

Anonymous said...

If I were Dave I would be concerned people would start looking at what I have done in the past. I would hate for some of that to come out. After all as IV put it, "It is not negative, it is an issue!"
Dave do you really want to discuss character?

Anonymous said...

Having a DWI in the past isn't as bad as giving your sister a job? Last time I checked being a "liason" doesn't threaten the lives of others. Who are you kidding by saying that?

I'm sure there would be similar ads from the Aubertine campaign if we could just find Renzi's record from when he's served in local govern...oh wait thats right.

Anonymous said...

Negative, ethics. Guys -- what darrel did was ILLEGAL. That should be the issue. All else is a distraction.

I disagree with the earlier poster. If Darrel had been nabbed for DWI, that too should be an issue. The guy is a "lawmaker" so his breaking the law is clearly relevant to his experience.

He can blame staff, GOP, the bogeyman. End of the day, the buck stops at the senator's desk.

RWiley said...

"We really need to see Darrel for what he is, what he votes for, what he stands up for, and how he deals with ethic issues."

We also need to see Renzi for what he is.

Renzi lied about getting NYS Retirement credits which he did not deserve. He participated in a lawyer scam which attempted to bilk taxpayers out of millions of dollars of retirement funds.

Worse yet, much of the work those lawyers do for school districts is negotiating for the purpose of suppressing the salaries of bus drivers, teachers and support personal.

It appears that Dave Renzi is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Dave Renzi bilking millions from the retirement fund? You gotta be kidding, rwiley.

Darrel is admittedly breaking the law, but that's OK by you.

Anonymous said...

its ok to break the law . all you have to do is claim your one of us . that bs saying is old hat

Anonymous said...

Update -- Darrel just admitted in Oswego that he's still breaking the law because he still hasn't repaid the money he illegally obtained for his sister.

Thsi is two week after 'fessing up to being a lawbreaker.

Maybe he thought no onw would ask?

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