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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

State Democratic Party Tactics

This was a tactic of the State Democratic Party in a Long Island congressional race. 

It would be interesting to see Ted Ford or Drew Mangione dressed like this promoting Darrel Aubertine's farming background or perhaps Addie Jenne Russell, she is promoting her farming background also.


Anonymous said...

That would be a Staten Island race.

TF said...

I would enjoy it. Unfortunately you gotta get a lot bigger size for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey IV, why did you leave out Bobby Cantwell? He is promoting his farming background too.

Anonymous said...

First your commenters made fat jokes about Mangione and now you do. Wow, so desperate in this campaign you've now started it. Great Work!

Anonymous said...

They all want to raise taxes. What is so wrong with that. We want higher taxes too. We vote for the people who do this. Where's the problem?

Anonymous said...

That's right - it is a Staten Island congressional race. One where the Dems will win the seat vacated by that GOP bastion of family values, Vito Fosella, who apparently forgot he was married and had a family there, and also had a girlfriend and child in D.C.
Talk about hypocrites.

BTW, the cow had nothing to do with farming backgrounds, just the voting record of the Rep. candidate who voted to raise taxes on milk.

Anonymous said...

Get lost you twerp, no one is making a joke about being fat.

Anonymous said...

Making fun of Ted can result in an irreversable hex being put on ya..

In your next life you'll be a donkey.

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