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Monday, October 20, 2008

From The 20th Congressional Race

The 20th Congressional seat is a hotly contested race between Sandy Treadwell and Kirsten Gillibrand. The campaign has taken a turn toward the issue of big tobacco, who Gillibrand represented while in private practice at the same time the execs were claiming tobacco was not addictive. This weekend the college Republicans got involved and only they are willing to make things interesting in every way.

(side note the student is from Clarkson University in Potsdam)

Here is their presser and pictures received. 

CR's Look Into Gillibrand Tobacco Connections

For Immediate Release
New York College Republican State Committee
September 19, 2008
Contact Austin Cheung: (PIV removed the email address)

Clifton Park, NY: This weekend some New York College Republicans decided to see how easy it would be to get Democrat Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to represent "Big Tobacco".  In a 7-foot tall costume a brave College Republican ventured into enemy territory to "look for some legal help". As much as he tried he was unable to find out how much she charges these days.

Kirsten Gillibrand spent YEARS representing Tobacco Giant Philip Morris while she worked for a Manhattan Law firm for over $300 per hour. As a congressional candidate she has taken over $23,000 from Big Tobacco.

"Gillibrand spent years defending Big Tobacco while they were claiming that nicotine is not addictive. Then as a congressional candidate she takes tens of thousands of dollars from the Tobacco industry. This goes to show that we cannot trust her judgment and the 20th Congressional District Needs new representation," said Josh Caprood a student at Clarkson University and a Glens Falls Resident.


Dan Francis said...

It's not just her tobacco money, but as a first termer in the House, she has raised for this campaign $4 million.

Think about that.

"It's the money and we are stupid."

OBAMA pretty much wipes out the notion of public financing for Federal campaigns forever.

It's now the biggest joke of all time ... sad, really.

The corruption will get worse, if that's possible?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Is there anything---anything at all---for which Danny Francis doesn't have a comment? He really should be reminded that he was overwhelmingly defeated in every single campaign in which he offered himself to the voters. Message to Danny---NOBODY CARES

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