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Saturday, October 25, 2008

GOP Fall Dinner

They warmed the crowd and prepared them for the next 11 days of what promises to be hard fought battles. The GOP fall dinner was held Friday night at Bonnie Castle and the enthusiastic supporters came out to greet Senate candidate David Renzi, Assembly candidate Bobby Cantwell, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, State Supreme Court candidate Tom Cerio and Congressman John McHugh.

Dede delivers a wholehearted, full throttle endorsement of the state candidates David Renzi and Bobby Cantwell. Dede even followed the theme Ted Ford used today on Danger Democrat (see "Me Too" here) that Bobby Cantwell can be effective as a Minority member in the New York State Assembly, just like she has been able to (and Ted Ford attested) do for the North Country.

"Bobby Cantwell can make a difference and don't let anyone tell you different," said Scozzafava.

David Renzi approached the podium to a standing ovation and spoke eloquently about what it means for the North Country to maintain a check and balance in New York State government and to have a member of the majority. He spoke of; 2nd Amendment rights, the love of hunting and fishing in the North Country and a very under the radar issue that people need to be aware of - reapportionment of legislative seats including retaining Congressman McHugh's seat.

John McHugh was his usual fluent orator mixing humor, forcefulness and sub stance while speaking about the differences between the candidates from the Pr esidential rac e through to the Assembly races. McHugh has never been at a loss for a little humor s o he brought along a friend and used him for dual purpose prop. First, to poke a little fun at MSM for their fixation on a skeleton that appeared in his campaign ad and secondly, to illustrate what people may resemble after the Democratic Congress gets done picking the meat off the bones.


Anonymous said...

Expose wind crooks. Vote Renzi.

Anonymous said...

Why was David Renzi also getting medical coverage from the town for his family? Is it legal to trade legal services for insurance? Why do we have to pay for his insurance? As town employess, we have to fight for our own.

Anonymous said...

: July 16, 2008 • New York
Cuomo investigating alleged 'dirty tricks' in in local windmill projects; Two WNY companies under investigation

Two wind power companies developing windmill projects in Western New York — including Steel Winds on the old Bethlehem Steel plant site in Lackawanna — are under investigation by State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo for possible improper dealings with local government officials.

Subpoenas were served Tuesday on First Wind, the lead developer of Steel Winds, which is also developing larger, rural “wind farms” in Steuben, Chautauqua, Genesee and Wyoming counties; and Noble Environmental Power, with three working wind farms and five in development in Allegany, Chautauqua, Clinton, Franklin and Wyoming counties.

“The use of wind power, like all renewable energy sources, should be encouraged to help clean our air and end our reliance on fossil fuels,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“However, public integrity remains a top priority of my office and if dirty tricks are used to facilitate even clean-energy projects, my office will put a stop to it,” he said.

Cuomo’s office has received numerous complaints from private citizens and public officials in eight counties — including Erie — alleging “improper relations between the companies and local officials” and other questionable practices.

The allegations include accusations that the companies improperly sought or obtained land-use agreements with public officials and the officials’ relatives and acquaintances; gave bribes and other improper benefits to public officials; and entered into anti-competitive agreements or practices.

The subpoenas issued Tuesday were for all documents related to any benefits conferred to an individual or entity in connection with wind farms; all agreements, easements or contracts regarding placement of wind turbines; agreements between wind companies that could indicate anti-competitive practices; and anything pertaining to payments or benefits received from local, state or federal agencies, according to Cuomo’s office.

A Cuomo spokesman added that the two subpoenas are just the beginning. “This is an initial part of an ongoing investigation,” said spokesman John Milgrim.

John Lamontagne, spokesman for First Wind, acknowledged the Newton, Mass.-based company had received the subpoena and said: “We intend to fully cooperate with [Cuomo’s] office.”

Noble Environmental, of Essex, Conn., issued a statement: “The company is in the process of reviewing the subpoena and will cooperate fully with the attorney general. We are confident the attorney general’s inquiry will find that Noble’s actions have been legal and proper and we look forward to his review.”

Lackawanna Mayor Norman Polanski said neither Steel Winds, made up of eight turbines each taller than Buffalo City Hall, nor the City of Lackawanna, is affected by the probe.

“We’re not involved at all,” Polanski said.

He pointed out that the city entered into an agreement over Steel Winds with the project’s other developer, BQ Energy, and that BQ Energy was not under investigation.

“We had no dealings with First Wind,” he said.

Polanski added that he did not receive kickbacks from any of the developers. “I got a model windmill and a shirt,” he said, and nothing else.

Last week, the Lackawanna Planning Board approved site plans for the second phase of Steel Winds, which would add 13 turbines to the current project.

Wind farm opponents were thrilled by the news that Cuomo’s office is looking into the two developers.

“We’re ecstatic that [Cuomo] is finally listening to what New York State taxpayers have been saying: that this is nothing but a total rip-off of the taxpayer,” said Judy Hall, a member of Cohocton Wind Watch, which is fighting a First Wind wind farm in its community.

Hall complained that communities aren’t made aware of proposed wind farms until they’re already approved and accused local leaders and developers of striking under-the-table deals to get the projects approved.

“We’re keeping our ear to the ground, and we’ll continue to provide information,” Hall vowed. “We just feel energized today.”

David Renzi knows wind. He knows the Corruption.
David REnzi will stop wind.

Anonymous said...

David Renzi has claimed 1800 hours and 300 days of retirement credit as Pamelia Town Attorney.
That means that the Town should have paid him about $120,000. as their Attorney. But he has no records. If you defend this PIV, then you should not be in the public trust or business.

Anonymous said...

“If it looks too good to be true it always is” and this old “pappy” was right on regarding wind turbines.
The landowner who signed the lease for a pittance has not only lost control of his farm but has destroyed the value of his neighbors property,destroyed their lives and the community fabric.
When will people stop being so naive and gullible and when will the media show some “due diligence”on this subject. The canceling of wind farms would be best thing that ever happened to this senate district.


Anonymous said...

“If it looks too good to be true it always is” and this old “pappy” was right on regarding wind turbines.

First David Renzi says Darrel is going to make 100, 000 a year on his wind towers. And now you say it is a pittance. Which is is PIV? You can't have it both ways. I think Dave The Crook Renzi and your campaign against wind is going to blow up in your face.

Dan Francis said...

Hey, IV: Were any of these passed out at the dinner, I wonder?

Very Serious Campaign Buttons???

Anonymous said...

So you like homosexual marriage loving Dede now?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand McHugh's comments, I really don't. Since Bushie took office in 2001, we have been plunged into huge annual deficits and our national debt grows at a rate of 3.88 Billion Dollar a day. I'm serious when I ask, why don't you people pay attention to this? How can you be critical of making sure that the middle class that's struggling to pay for necessities, doesn't pay too much in taxes? And what happened to "pay as you go?" This administration, along with the likes of McHUgh, can't function in a budget and have no problem creating massive debt that someone has to pay? Do republicans just hope that the credit card bill is going to go away? That someone else will pay it? Please explain to me, and I mean it, the benefits of deficit spending, permitting
China to buy up our debt, versus sticking to a budget and paying for things out of taxes. I mean, if we don't raise some taxes, how do we pay for all of this?

Help me to get this?

Dan Francis said...

BL: We should have NEVER had tax cuts in time of [two] wars, period.

Later, yes; but not in time of war.

That was a first ... and look at the results? $10-$12 billion a month down the drain in Iraq for over 5 years ...

* WAR IS A RACKET, but now that racket [no, not a tennis racket] has a huge hole in it.

We will all pay in the end.

Dan Francis said...

To be completely fair -

I'll post this and leave it at that.

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