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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hmmm, Buffalo News Plows The Upstate / Downstate Issue

The upstate / downstate power debate has been featured in a The Buffalo News (read it here).

Funny, to think that North Country Democrats thought it was just some looney idea that has been floated by North Country Republicans around here.

Here are some highlights from the article:
"If their positions on key issues hold true, the effects of a Senate Democratic takeover could be dramatic — affecting future discussions over state budgets, distribution of school aid, property taxes, business regulations and a series of social policy considerations, from expansion of abortion rights to criminal-justice matters."
"By contrast, there are 26 Senate districts within New York City, and 21 are now held by Democrats, with one vacancy in a Democratic district. The rest of the districts are on Long Island and in northern suburbs. A shift to Democratic control in the Senate, coupled with the concentration of authority in the Assembly among New York City Democrats, would firmly consolidate the legislative power base within the city’s five boroughs."
It would be nice for the local media to request interviews of both Senate Majority leader Dean Skelos and Minority leader Malcolm Smith on their overall views for New York State.
"The Buffalo News requested to interview Smith — who would oust Skelos as majority leader if Democrats win — about the impact a party change would have on the upstate region, along with his policy ideas and priorities. The request was turned down."
"Collins said the Senate GOP has a mixed record in getting upstate-supported measures approved. But it has played a key role, he said, in blocking plans that would harm the region, such as a proposal by Paterson this summer to shift costs onto county budgets."
The conclusion is with a Democratic majority in the Senate the Upstate and North Country would not be better off regardless of who our Senator is, therefore, the balance of power in New York State government should be preserved and the North Country should send a representative there to be a member of the majority.

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Anonymous said...

This should be the focus of the Renzi campaign for these last weeks. I have absolutely nothing against Aubertine. I don't like the sister act, but I don't like retirement games either. But I really hate the idea of an unchecked Shelly Silver. The Gov seems like a trustworthy individual, but Shelly is a symbol of what has ruined NYS.

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