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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Syracuse Post Standard Endorses Renzi

Syracuse Post Standard has endorsed Republican David Renzi for the 48th Senate district seat and Democrat David Valesky for the 49th Senate district seat and their decisions were based on REFORM.

Read the Renzi endorsement here
Here are some lifts:
48th SD
Aubertine says he has always been a reform advocate, never more so than now, when he is a minority member of the Senate and is virtually excluded from legislative decision-making. Yet when he was a member of the Assembly majority, he did not play a major or vocal role in urging more open government.
Aubertine has been dogged by careless maneuvers.
Renzi says he will back reforms to empower rank-and-file lawmakers, strengthen the committee process, establish independent ethics oversight and expand public disclosure. His animus toward the Department of Environmental Conservation for regulating land use is misguided. But his energetic focus on serving his constituents - and his avowed commitment to a more open, effective legislative process - show promise. He deserves the chance to put that energy and commitment to work in Albany. 
Side note, the Post Standard video taped the editorial endorsements


Anonymous said...

So much for Darrel the reformer. This editorial echoes what the WDT story reveals -- darrel talks reform but doesn't deliver.

He says he's one of us, but he stands with Shelly Silver to block reform that could really make a difference.

So it comes to this: for more self-dealing, backroom, inside politics, vote Darrel Aubertine.

For change and results, vote Renzi.

Dan Francis said...

The POST-STANDARD, basically covers Central NYS - so this is strictly GOP-aimed effort to keep control of the NYS Senate in the GOP camp - not much else...

Political IV said...


Respectfully disagree, read the Valesky endorsement. He is a Democrat and if you read both endorsements you will see they are more concerned about reforming government than who controls it.

This has been a leading issue with the P-S for some time, even before they did the big piece on the empire zone program.

It is about reform and the PS not accepting Aubertine's campaign bs.

Anonymous said...

Let's try this again - since you didn't post it the first time..

As I recall, the Post Standard and WDT both endorsed Will Barclay for Senate. A lot of good it did him!


Political IV said...

Let's try this again - since you didn't post it the first time..

Your comment is posted and it is on the post below this post, where you submitted it.

I assumed you commented on the wrong post, but I have no way of changing their locations.

Anonymous said...

The sub standard, a republican paper trying to maintain its sales in republican district. Nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise, they could give a crap about the north as the southern part of Oswego remains Republican but slipping fast. Greater Watertown (sic) mean nothing more than slipping sales.

Dan Francis said...

I know Dave Valesky is a DEM, but my point is this district is NOT in central NY, per se, even though, I guess Oswego considers themselves "Central NY?"

Reform is a tried and true word, a lot like taxes - both never get cut or changed and certainly not "reformed" except in the terms the majority wants... seldom for the mass of people.

Anonymous said...

When a newspaper gives you the nod, it is the kiss of death. To bad for Renzi. The PS like the WDT is out of touch out of style and just plan stupid!

Anonymous said...

"Like the ethics law that I sponsored, voted for and BROKE, I also didn't read the reform laws that I sponsored and voted against."


PS -- Drew, you told me no one would check.

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