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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Margin of Error Race

The political races appear to be tightening up and they have moved into the margin of errors.

The report on the 48th Senate race is that the internal polls of the campaigns are within the margin of error. This is serious momentum for the Renzi campaign if in fact the Siena poll was correct when it reported him to be down by double digits.

Meanwhile, the Presidential race has entered into the margin of error territory in the polls. Gallup tracking of most likely voters is at Obama 49% to McCain 47%, while Rasmussen Reports has the race at 50% to 47%.


Anonymous said...

Please the McCain/ Obama race is the Olympic Mens 100 Meter race rerun.

Barrack is only glancing back at John as he crosses the finish line in a new world record time. Same as Olympian Usain Bolt.

If Hillary and John didn't make this race so interesting we would not have the record 140,000,000+ Americans voting this year. Hurray for liberty, all 'Hail Columbia'.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, that was an interesting post.

The dog woke up, wagged his tail, ate, then went outside.

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