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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 6, 2008

Who Has The Cash To Finish The Food Fight

New York Senate Democrats look like they are on a cash crunch according to a report in LoHud.

Lift from their blog
So overall, Senate Republicans and its candidates raised $6.3 million since July, spent $6.4 million and collectively have $12.5 million on hand.
Senate Democrats and its candidates raised $3.3 million, spent $3.1 million and have $6 million on hand.


RWiley said...

The economy tanks, people all over the the world just lost another 4% or 5% of their retirement thanks to the policies of George Bush and his Republican band of thieves and you want to brag about how much money the Republicans have in their campaign fund.

Do you ever stop and think about what you are saying, PIV?

Political IV said...


You are truly one of a kind, you give partisan a new image.

RWiley said...

"You are truly one of a kind, "

Thanks PIV, but you flatter me.

Perhaps I should be a loyal party partisan, but I do have an Achilles Heel. (Sarah Palin was too stupid to understand what that meant during the debate the other night, but I will assume you do understand.)

I have been beating on DD, the more reliable of the two "Solid North" blogs all week for his kudos to John McHugh who voted AYE on the Bush rip-off bill along with Hillary and Chuck. I won't vote for John McHugh and perhaps I will change my mind on the other two when their time comes.

But then, if your definition of partisan is refusing to sanction the theft of New York State Retirement credits by a lawyer that is running for Senate in the same State that is investigating him; then call me partisan.

But then, if your definition of partisan is supporting a candidate and democrat whom I have watched for years as he won the hearts and minds of republican neighbors and new republican friends as he advanced through the ranks of town, county, assembly and, now senate; then call me partisan.

Anonymous said...

The economy is hurting all over the world, and it's the fault of George Bush?

Wiley, you are arguably the most partisan individual I've ever run across. How did you get so confused. I really would like to read a summary of how your life got to be this messed up.

Anonymous said...

PIV, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Dan Francis said...

Food Fight? We still have 30 days to go!

Look, two failed wars costing $10-$12 billion a month for nearly 7 years; an economy in freefall; corruption at all-time levels in the private sector and in Congress; domestic spying on citizens who are innocent; a political system in turmoil (lobbying, special interest and questionable money); incompetents in office; and a choice between two Senators (actually three Senators) from an 18% JAR congress; and an airheaded Gov. from Alaska who doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground, ain't so bad, considering all the other stuff, right?

Other stuff? LOL LOL

RWiley said...

"Wiley, you are arguably the most partisan individual I've ever run across. How did you get so confused"

Whoa, whoa WHOA! First, you call me partisan and then you call me confused?

An example of partisan would be if I were a strong supporter of a cause, like obeying the law. It is clear to me that David Renzi broke the law when he tried to submit illegal credits to the New York State Retirement.

Confused is when your are bewildered. More like the Watertown Times and PIV who are not sure if it is right or wrong, but then decide it is right because it is common practice and all lawyers do it which is not true but since David Renzi admitted that he did it and then paid it all back except the town's share which was excusable since he was confused about the law because the comptroller changed the rules which were really not rules but laws unfair to a republican lawyer because it was really his partners that did it until they said he did it too and that was the attorney general's fault but since the credits are still on the books it was still not legal until the Watertown Times said it was and tried to convince their readers that breaking the law was ok because Dave Renzi wants to be a senator but didn't understand the law which was really not all that important anyway because they eventually will endorse David Renzi, and Darrel hired his sister.

Anonymous said...

No Rwiley, you have been busy trying to deflect the attention away from Aubertine's ethical lapses and finally an editorial that was spot on.

RWiley said...

"No Rwiley, you have been busy trying to deflect the attention away from Aubertine's ethical lapses and finally an editorial that was spot on."

The Watertown editorial told lies. Research New York State Retirement laws and show me where it has ever been legal for a lawyer providing a contract service to receive and BUY retirement credits for the purpose of enhancing his pension. They are online, show me !

What Dave Renzi did was not common practice. It was illegal and a privilege given only to a town lawyer by an employee who prepared a false instrument upon David Renzi's request.

There was no confusing change of rule so complicated that a lawyer might get confused.

It was not spot on. The opinion of the Watertown Times used lies that forgave David Renzi who will be their eventual choice for endorsement.

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