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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candidates Defined Project

The in-depth interviews that were conducted on an informal basis with the candidates are available for viewing. The interviews focused on allowing the voters to get to know the candidates a little better; beyond the TV commercials, the radio, or direct mail, beyond characterizations of what type of people these candidates are, here they speak for themselves.

Thank You to Dave Renzi and Addie Jenne Russell for participating. Bobby Cantwell or Darrel Aubertine did not participate. Danger Democrat and Political IV sponsored the interviews.

Here are the interview, they are long, so set aside time. Also, they will be left posted on the side.

Addie Jenne Russell 

David Renzi


RWiley said...

Dave went to Siena College, eh?

Damn, that poll must of hurt.

Anonymous said...

Is Joe Brosk Political IV?

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