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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mickey Mouse Can Vote

ACORN registered Mickey Mouse to vote this year!


RWiley said...

Nice try, Mickey Mouse. But, your application was rejected. ACORN is like any other group, Republican or Democrat who tries to get voters registered.

They assist in passing out the applications and then it becomes the responsibility of the elections officials.

Mickey, if your application were approved, it would be the fault of the election board, and not ACORN.

Ann Coulter, a famous Republican, however had her fraudulent application approved and she voted. She is not even as famous as you.

PIV made a mistake when he said you could vote.

Sorry Mickey !

TF said...

The actual fact is when you pay people by the unit to bring back completed voter registration forms sometimes those people cheat.
These make them out themselves to get paid (duh).
I strongly suspect Mickey and all the other fraudlent registrees aren't actually going to show up.

Anonymous said...

Is my eyes, or did Mickey actually check the Republican box on line twelve.
Sure looks like it.
I guess we know how the Republicans have been winning Florida.

RWiley said...

The sad part is that this important news came from Matt Drudge who posted it for days in the very same way that tried to make his readers believe that Mickey was actually registered. They fell for it. They didn't understand the word application.

A lot of people become suckers as a result of Matt Drudges lies.

Goofey and Minnie said...

Mickey Mouse would vote Repub. He moved all of his manufacturing to China. He is a commie pinko. He outsourced and even stuffed our suits with illegal aliens.

Dan Francis said...

And, of course, only ACORN and/or the DEMS have ever played dirty tricks, right?

Footnote to History: Richard M. Nixon left his "playbook" for Karl Rove, et al to use ... they mastered it.

ACORN is the Willie Horton of his race, along with Ayers, Wright and yes, even Keating...

Pretty sad, really.

Anonymous said...

So it's not the fact that this happened, TR and wiley, that matters? It's the idea that "if you pay someone" this could happen, and in wiley's case, the wrong guy revealed it? And this kind of donkey financed fraud is ok as long as it gets caught, wiley?

Your words have less meaning when you are willing to step so far into the mud.

Felix said...

Ya. I new that mouse when I was a kitten. He was Mortimer, then. He would steal limburger from a blind rat. I seen em steal roguefort cheese, intended for retired mousers, from storage. He lived in a hole in the wall and we run em out of town.

The next I seen em, he had changed his name to Mickey and was working with one of them Hollywood mogul types bilking little children by selling them overpriced products made in Japan. Strippin em from their piggy banks.

RWiley said...

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida's governor says his fellow Republicans may be exaggerating claims of voter fraud in the state.

Crist: GOP may be exaggerating voter fraud

Anonymous said...

And now we no why goofy won the president in 2000 and 2004.

Anonymous said...

ACORN is comprised of a bench of f---ing criminals and Democrats like the idiots blogging here actually try to defend them.

Of Course, Obama used to work for them as a lawyer and recently gave them half-a-millions bucks, but he's "not really connected to them."


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