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Friday, October 17, 2008

St. Lawrence County - No Go To Flow Control For DANC

The City of Watertown has refused to entertain flow control, Jefferson County has given it thumbs down and according to one St. Lawrence County Legislator there will be no support for flow control in that county either.

That is the right decision by St Lawrence County.

Government exist to provide services to the public that cannot be otherwise provided by the free market place, but occasionally they stray from their mission and enter into enterprise business activities that are provided in a competitive basis in the market place.

Such is the case with the Rodman Landfill, of the landfills around the state approximately 6 of 28 are privately owned and operated and three landfills are relatively close enough to compete with Rodman. Franklin and Clinton County which are county operated facilities and a privately owned facility in Monroe County are within reach to compete with the quasi-government operated facility locally, therefore, DANC has requested flow control legislation be enacted in order to mandate all local waste be disposed of in their landfill.

Government operations such as the landfill should not attempt to utilize the unbridled power of government in order to create a monopoly and force private haulers to utilize their operations, they produce enough profit to remain competitive and they need to survive in the marketplace by providing that competitive edge.

The City of Watertown, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties need to maintain that thought and St. Lawrence is to be commended for recognizing it and not passing flow control.

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NNY Bluedog said...

I'd like to know which anonymous legislator you talked to, just to make a comparison when the vote comes out.

Anonymous said...

Right on bluedog!

Anonymous said...

Those dumps would make good ATV trails.

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