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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Senate Debate - Gouverneur

The Gouverneur debate took a refreshing departure from the other debates, while both sides load up the audiences, decorum prevailed last night, even to the point where the student moderator stood up and requested that people hold their applause.

Congratulations to the student for recognizing it is the candidates and their views and not the audience participating.

The debate also featured very stark ideological differences between the candidates, on issues of minimum wage, gun control, DEC and partisan political influence on voting on issues.

An odd comment came when the candidates answered questions about this being a stepping stone and career politicians. Renzi responded he is not looking to make this a career, while Aubertine agreed, yet Aubertine is a 14 year politician and every other office has been a stepping stone for him. 

Here were the biggies for the night.

Wind Conflict:
Aubertine declined to disclose his contracts and amounts when questioned why he is voting on issues regarding wind power that present a conflict. He refuses to understand voting on an issue where he stands to gain financially being different than voting on a town budget where everyone pays their fair share. Renzi was smart here, when Aubertine attempted to avoid answering the question, Renzi gave up his rebuttal time and requested that Aubertine answer the question.

Aubertine told the audience that he wants to leave education and health care intact while the legislature attempts to resolve the state budget crisis. Financial expert after financial expert say that is impossible.

And, he stated he will not support home rule legislation for county sales tax. This will create a $12-15 million deficit for Jefferson County forcing either massive layoffs, a property tax increase in the area 30% or a combination of both.

The Senator needs to reconcile these thoughts on state and local budgets, he wants it both ways and that cannot be achieved.


Anonymous said...

There you go again IV! Re: your post "Aubertine told the audience that he wants to leave education and health care intact while the legislature attempts to resolve the state budget crisis. Financial expert after financial expert say that is impossible".

What about the "illustrious" majority leader of the State Senate - Republican Dean Skelos?
He stated yesterday that the Republican Senate would not stand for mid year budget cuts to schools.

You must believe that if you are a Republican - then all things are possible.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a damn about Renzi and retirement, I really don't care about Sen Aubertine hiring his sister, I do care about Aubertine voting on issues that ultimately puts money in his pocket at the potential detriment to the rest of our community.

From the Watertown Daily Times

The senator said that was proprietary information, adding: "It's not something that I, or someone else that signed these contracts, is at liberty to disclose."

Why? Did you get preferential treatment in the contract? Did you get more than your neighbors?
Why is it secret? Isn't the Atty General investigating wind turbine companies for dealings with individuals and municipalities, not to mention other wind turbine companies?

The questions are numerous. If re-elected, we will be watching you. You will screw up again (yes I said AGAIN)

Sen Aubertine is so lax on conflict of interest. If anyone cares, ask for a copy of the letter he sent to the Cape Vincent Town Board on Conflicts of Interest.

Sen Aubertine you have made several decisions that affect you financially. That is just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Did Darrel bring his checkbook? Did he give pay the money back that was illegally paid to his sister?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the blog boys on the JeffCo Board have some inside info on wind. Renzi is opposed to wind and wants to take it on. Oswego and Jeff and St. Larance have a chance for wind. The only hope for many farmers dem and rep alike. Renzi wants to take on farmers. There are more wind signs around than Renzi signs. Vote wind.

Anonymous said...

Renzi is the healhty one.Aubertine is to cozy all his kids are grown up he is getting all his trophys and kickbacks from the assembly.I mean he is tooting his own horn way to much.Pasture is looking good for him.Wake up he is going around telling the world about what he has done not once has he mentioned DD is the one that got it done.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 12:28. I had a long talk with Renzi about wind. He is not opposed to it. Where are you getting your information.

The real issue is that Aubertine is hiding something when it comes to Wind Farms. He refuses to make a public disclosure of his personal and family financial interest after he cast votes on measures that affect wind power development.

My single question is. If there is nothing to hide Mr. Aubertine, why won't you make a full disclosure of your contracts.

He is hiding something

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