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Monday, October 20, 2008


This is Darrel Aubertine in June of this year taking political advantage of a dire situation surrounding A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital in Fulton.

Then he features Lee Memorial Hospital again in his campaign TV ad saying he saved jobs, then it is included in a mailer (see below) which proves this is poor posturing for political purposes.

If you read The Valley News article over the weekend on Lee Hospital (see it here) Aubertine has not been effective and there is no pretense here about staying open and he should stop using the hospital as an example.

This is a lift from the article where Claudia Hutton from DOH is commenting.
She added, “The reasons for the Berger mandate have not changed. Fulton’s population continues to shrink. A.L. Lee has low utilization as a hospital and is only 12 miles away from Oswego Hospital, a larger, more modern, and more sophisticated facility than A.L. Lee. Oswego Hospital is also in better financial shape. A.L. Lee has been unable to present the health department with any studies attesting that the community needs it to remain an acute-care hospital.

“We don’t expect A.L. Lee to remain status quo, so we don’t expect that our award to Oswego Hospital will drop in size,” she continued. “This is not cash we’re giving away. It’s funding that will be paid out under a contract Oswego Hospital will sign jointly with the state Health Department to reimburse them for construction and related costs for their emergency-department modernization.”
Someone please define "Still one of us"


Anonymous said...

Darrell's Fulton Hospital lies are unravelling fast....just not sure if it will be fast enough to slap the glassy-eyed daze out of Fulton citizens who still think Darrell has saved their hospital.
Darrell opponents in Oswego County are not happy the hospital is closing by any means, but we are enraged that this charlitan has been promising salvation that he cannot deliver!
When the jig is finally up my prediction is that these people will turn on Darrell harshly.....he's lied and misled desperate people....it is a shame

Anonymous said...

Keep it up partisan hacks, keep spinning how Darrel hasnt helped AL Lee, keep spinning IV. Facts are facts, AL Lee wasnt even getting their phone calls returned by the previous Senator.

Anonymous said...

We see it a bit different here. Our biggest problem was things got screwed up by an unauthorized Barclay supporter hoping for a Barclay rerun against Senator Aubertine. In a premature campaign move on Barclay's behalf he sandbagged our efforts by making a false press release. Due to the confusion he caused, we almost lost what we had up to that point. Tell David Renzi and his campaign to stay away from our efforts. Anon. # 1 has no idea what he is talking about. Either does your Renzi campaign. Please don't screw it up for us.

Anonymous said...

Senate Majority Staffer Identified as Member of "Renzi 3" Caught In Long-Island Style Dirty Tricks

Aubertine Campaign Media Release

WATERTOWN, N.Y., Oct. 20, 2008 — One of the three individuals, who unlawfully entered the Aubertine campaign headquarters on Saturday and departed with signs, literature and information, has been identified as a Senate staffer for Senator Tom Libous (R-Binghamton).

The staffer, Chris Luther, a constituent liaison, entered the Aubertine office with two other individuals telling the Aubertine campaign volunteers that they wanted to volunteer for Aubertine. He and the other two were asked to sign a volunteer sheet, and then they began poking around and finally departed with campaign literature, schedule information and lawn signs in hand.

"These men willfully entered our campaign headquarters with the intent to deceive, before leaving with campaign property," said Cort Ruddy, Aubertine campaign coordinator. "Who knows what they would have done had we not caught them red-handed? They could have infiltrated our campaign and worked to undermine our volunteer efforts. The real question is: Did Mr. Renzi order these men to do this? And will he finally end these underhanded and dishonest campaign tactics?"

The Aubertine campaign officials have scheduled a meeting with law enforcement representatives to discuss how many laws the Renzi campaign broke with this dirty trick.

"Clearly, It is not our desire to charge Renzi campaign staff members, who were just following orders, and hold them solely responsible for this illegal activity," said Mr. Ruddy. "But Mr. Renzi's campaign crossed a line here, both legal and otherwise, when they entered our campaign headquarters with the intent to deceive. As Darrel continues to talk to voters about jobs and the economy, the campaign will be discussing legal options with the appropriate law enforcement agencies."

Anonymous said...

So DOH says AL Lee is still closing as a hospital. So how did Darrel save any jobs?

Anonymous said...

Must be another "misunderstanding" on Darrels part.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Darrel is "working for us." By this time next year, he may be the only one working in the entire region.

Anonymous said...

I commented on this post several hours ago. You have posted since i commented, just wondering why u havent posted my comment?

Anonymous said...

My daughter works at AL Lee and she has been in shock since this series of stories began running in the Valley News. Thank God someone is willing to tell these poor workers the truth. The jobs are so important to our area, but even more important is the health care needs that will go unmet.

Last week, the paper reported that the Health Dept. had not even heard from Darrel or the hsopital about its conversion plans, so the closing may have to take place by default, instead orf an orderly transition to some type of urgent care facility.

Darrel Aubertine should explain to the people of Fulton how he so badlly botched this rescue job, and be better pray it doesn't snow in the winter time when some poor soul needs urgent medical care.

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