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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Guns Come Calling

It is crunch time in races around the state and the big guns will be making appearances.

Buffalo area Congressional and State Senate candidates are rolling out Senator Clinton and then Governor David Patterson according to the Buffalo News.

According to Poststar Rudy Giuliani is being rolled out for Sandy Treadwell in the 20th Congressional seat race.

Sen. Chuck Schumer campaigned with Democratic Senate candidate Joe Addabbo and Brian Foley.

The B team of Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli have been out gripping and grinning also.

For those of you who believe all politics is local, this likely does not impress you and for those of you who are star struck by an appearance of Clinton, Schumer, et al. then you will have your cameras and autograph pens ready for an announcement. 


Anonymous said...

Rudy will be dressed in Sarah's clothes.

Anonymous said...

Why would I want Hillary's autograph? Does she buy her own clothes? How much material does it take to cover her thighs?

There. That post was in honor of the Rudy/Sarah comment. Isn't it nice to be stupid... togeeeeeether?

And to think our vets died so we can do this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am a vet. I didn't die.

Anonymous said...

Isn't your guy the one who trotted out a state senator who quit on us to become a lobbyist? How is his doing that any different? I look forward to your waffling response.

Jacob said...

Doesn't matter. Treadwell is going down.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the dead child whose name renzi invoked - without consulting her family first. does that qualify as a "big gun"?

totally shameless and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

The point was you paid a price, vet. So we could be stupid.

We be livin' up to our end of the bargain.

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