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Monday, October 6, 2008

Still One Of Us?

Oops, perhaps Darrel Aubertine might have to run another take on his commercial.

Earlier this year he announced that he reached a deal to keep A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital in Fulton open, but, Oswego Health, who was to assist in keeping them open according to Aubertine, said they were never informed by Aubertine about the deal. Oswego Health eventually terminated any negotiation with Lee citing it would not be a good business decision.

Now, he runs a re-election commercial which contains "Darrel worked tirelessly to keep Lee Memorial Hospital open, saving hundreds of local jobs." Strange, but this little piece of information popped up over the weekend in Valley News out of Fulton.

State grant to Oswego Hospital anticipates Lee Memorial closing (click here to read)


RWiley said...

Dave Renzi, on the other hand will most likely need to run another take on his "my ethics are better than your ethics ad, Darrel".

Especially, after 3 members of his law firm were caught trying to raid the New York State Retirement Fund and claiming, even though they are lawyers, that they didn't know it was illegal.

RWiley said...

Read the article very closely, PIV and you will see that it is not the "shiny object" that you might wish.

Your hope of a Darrel failure came when you saw the word "Anticipation" in the headline. Why would you want to generate hope for failure of a hospital and its medical services just so you could prove yourself right?

It would seem that throwing a new Senator into the Health Care negotiations at this time would be a mistake. Dave Renzi would bring no knowledge of what has been done with negotiations thus far. He would have to cope with the mixed feelings of the good folks in Oswego who may have suspicions about his character and ability after he and his firm's other lawyers were exposed by the Attorney General and Comptroller in the retirement scam.

My best advice, in this case, would be to stick with the incumbent. The new extension for Lee has to be effective early next summer. Dave Renzi would not have the time to get on board and there is the danger that he will be distracted by the shadow of the LawyerGate investigators, if he took office.

The good people of Fulton, Phoenix, and Town of Schroeppel who rely on Lee Memorial can not afford to bring a scandal-ridden candidate on board at this time.

Anonymous said...

Even know Darrel sponsored the Ethics Reform Law he didn't know it was illegal to hire his sister?? Just one of many thing Darrel votes on and DOESN'T have a clue what it is about.

Anonymous said...

Darrel brother-in-law and tireless defender rwiley never saw an Aubertine flub he won't defend, regardless of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe rwiley can loan Darrel the two grand he needs to reimburse the state for what it paid his sister. Why hasn't that been paid by now? At least Renzi's snafu didn't cost the state any money.

Anonymous said...

Even though Dave is an "accomplished" attorney he didn't know the difference between an employee and a private contractor?? Just one of the many things Dave DOESNT have a clue on.

Anonymous said...

Rwiley is not Darrels Brother-in-Law. Darrels brother-in-law, unlike the rest of us has much better things to do than comment on this ridiculous blog. Although knowing him he would be real impressed the way you people tear down his wife anonymously. Of course if any of you knew him you would make sure your comments remained anonymous.

oswego river rat said...

Anon. 10:36.

PIV you are squirming and sweating. We can feel the earth move all the way over here on our end of the Senator's district. As we follow the context, it is obvious you are trying to defend your own posts.
We deal with children. I have corrected fifth grade writing for 29 nine years and you are not yet smarter than a fifth grader. Stand up. Face the Class. Speak the truth.
Back to the issue; rwiley has a very good point with his post at 7:47.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the headline was weird. The article, itself, gave hospital workers, and I think patients new hope that despite our Governors call for cutbacks in our county we are being given expansions.
Thanks to the Governor and thanks to the Senator.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Renzi supporters -- report on OswegoCountyToday.com shows demise of Lee hospital greatly exaggerated. Way to be happy at Fulton's potential loss of 200 jobs, though. Disgraceful.

Despite Funding To Oswego, Lee Continues Efforts Toward Partnership
Written by: Nicole Reome
FULTON, NY - An A. L. Lee Memorial Hospital official says that despite the state’s announcement that Oswego Hospital will receive a sizeable grant to make improvements to several of its departments, the goal of keeping Lee Memorial up and running has not changed.

Richard Abbott, chairman of the Lee Memorial Hospital board of directors, said he was surprised when he learned of the grant but stressed that it does not change Lee Memorial‘s direction.

Anonymous said...

Oswego County Today? Where can I pick up a copy of that newspaper?

I wonder how many readers they have?

Anonymous said...

Rwiley you hit Renzi on ethics and integrity, but are silent on so many of your kinsman’s lapses.
How about addressing his violation of nuclear plant security by passing not one, but three signs that specifically admonish drivers to get pre-clearance before entry---all to attend an illegal rally on private property
You are silent as Darell misuses the people of Fulton by propagating false hopes that their hospital is going to stay open, blatantly lying that he “saved it from closure” while the state berger comm.. is still going full speed ahead with their plan.
And what about the lousy 2 miles stretch of roads in Boylston that Darrell and Judy “tossed to the Yahoos” to keep them quiet---linking Jefferson & Oswego trails---but continuing to keep Lewis county closed off to ATV riders----‘cause Lewis county had the balls to actually stand up and SUE the DEC for their illegal closure…..What a farce to think we’re all gonna buy into Darrell for giving us BACK use Hessell and Wart Roads!! What part of “PUBLIC PROPERTY” do these people not understand?
And how can you even question Renzi for accepting pension credit (which has been a widespread practice by all political parties) when he (Darrell) hasn’t even paid back the less then 2K given over to your family unethically for Debra’s work.
And what about Darrell’s NYPA job? I still want to hear weather it was Patterson or Darrell who LIED??? The Gov. was pretty clear that Darrell made that deal up…..let’s hear Darrell’s side?
Aubertine is a failure; our region will suffer in a Democratic Senate as well as a GOP one by this kindly, simple dunce being there any longer.
God save the 48th....Vote Renzi!!

Anonymous said...

"I remember when I was a little boy my grandfather used to take me out on the public ATV trails , we had lots of fun on these public lands. Then one day a self-rightous liberal pair took over the DEC and united with a tree hugging new Senator---they closed all those trails, barring ATVs from them.
Now Grandpa and I will never be able to ATV together on them again."

Anonymous said...

Richard Abbott and Lee Memorials Director Dennis Casey are a pair of pied-pipers leading their poor misguided employees into the unemployment line. It is a sad fraud bing perpetuated by them that this hospital will make the cut.
It is truly unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Don't make Lee Memorial a political football. The fact was that the person from Oswego health that started that false rumor was not in the know and was using it to set up Senator Aubertine who immediately started helping us with funding. He was a Barclay friend who was hoping for a another try by Barclay. Republicans and a reporter jumped on a false story. It took us weeks to get back on the task. With the help of the Senator and what he has been able to keep in Mr. Paterson's budget for Oswego Co., despite his announcements of cuts things are looking good for the extension. The recognition of the energy problem and necessity to reduce everyone's travel makes Lee a necessity. Please ask Mr. Renzi and your campaign blog to stop attacking Lee Memorial. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for him to release those memos about the YMCA or the water district. I am sure he wrote them. Drew told us he did and I know they know what they are doing. lol

Anonymous said...

I never saw Renzi attack Lee Memorial.

But the fact is that we never saw Darrel HELP AL Lee either. Only press releases that raised false hopes and empty promises.

I honestly hope Lee does survive, but it won't be due to anything Darrel has done.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't see Darrel helping on Lee Memorial than you don't pay attention. Ask the director at Lee if Darrel was around helping to ensure they got the extension. I was there, trust me so was Senator Aubertine. Also just as a side note, we have been screaming for help for years from the previous Senator. Darrel was the first to go to bat for us.

Anonymous said...

Darrel wasn't at bat, because he never got out of the dugout. Remember that the Oswego Health people said Darrel never even reached out to them over months.

And Governor Paterson once famously said he "hasn't spoken to or heard from Darrel for months."

Will this mouse ever roar?

Anonymous said...

"I never saw Renzi attack Lee Memorial."

I thought you were told to stay off this blog? Shouldn't you be checking youtube?

RWiley said...

"And how can you even question Renzi for accepting pension credit"

Easy ! No problem.

It is against the law. A false instrument was prepared to facilitate a theft from the New York
State Retirement by asking for credits undeserved.

And he lied about it weeks ago.

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