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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gun Owners - Pay Attention - This is HUGE!!!!

Dave Renzi has been speaking of protecting the rights of gun owners and how a Republican majority has steadfastly stood in the way of any infringement of those rights.

Further he has stated rights of gun owners will erode with a Democratic majority in the Senate.


New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and GunFreeKids.org, are both expected to endorse democratic senators Suzi Oppenheimer and Andrea Stewart-Cousins in their re-election campaigns today.

Oppenheimer is running against Larchmont Republican mayor Liz Feld in the state’s 37th district and Stewart Cousins is running against Yonkers Republican councilman John Murtagh in the 35th district.

The anti-gun groups issued a joint statement about the two democratic candidates saying “For almost a decade, the leadership in the State Senate has blocked passage of common sense gun legislation. The success of these two re-election campaigns are a critical component to ensuring the Senate acts to pass important bills in the near future, including, micro-stamping and improved regulations on gun dealers.”


Anonymous said...

Anyone with a brain has known these facts for many years. If people who believe in the Constitution, who believe in the right of self-defense, elect a Democrat Gov/Assembly/Senate, they deserve exactly what they get.

Anonymous said...

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence- My what a subversive sounding group! Logically, I must deduce that Poltical IV is pro gun violence. You Repubs need to wake up.

Jacob said...

FYI: Liz Feld is far and away the most antigun candidate running in NY.

Anonymous said...

Yup, they name themselves like this just so people think they are a reasonable group. Names of groups mean nothing.

We have arguably the toughest gun laws in the nation. The only people following these laws are law abiding people. Add some laws, the assholes still will ignore them. Enforce what you have. Quit trading in emotion and ignorance. Quit biting when people who trade in this crap bait you this way.

A balance between the power of both political parties is in everyone's interest. This isn't about the personalities involved, certainly not locally.

Anonymous said...

People are so sick of your Karl Rove politics, scare, scare, scare. You and your buddy Renzi claim that if Darrel is elected and the dems get the majority say goodbye to your guns. This is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Have you forgot that Dave and Darrel regardless of who is elected both get one vote. The premise that we are better served as gunowners with Dave in the senate is stupid. Darrel has a proven record of standing up for sportsman and gunowners, that can not be debated. Dave on the other hand has no record at all.

Yahoo for Renzi said...

Just look at the Assembly Democrat Majority and Senate Republican Majority, as a gun owner see where you are better off.

9:09 you are naive

Anonymous said...

It's not about Dave or Darrel, it is about a balance of power between the Reps and the Dems. One party systems means NYC Dems write gun laws. The constitution has long ago fallen out of favor in our state. Kids don't know, and don't care. So this balance won't last much longer if one party rules.

Karl Rove has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

You know how groups like this start? They start when parents of children killed by guns unite. Do you blame them? I am all for gun rights but time and time again people have proven that without proper controls in place, guns get into the hands of the wrong people. No one is trying to take lawfully owned and operated guns out of anyones hands, they are merely trying to restrict those who abuse guns from getting them unlawfully. You gun nuts just cannot get that through your thick skulls. No one is trying to steal your guns.

Rick said...

Here are the facts that people ignore. The punks on the street are not walking into a gun shop buying a Glock, waiting for their permit to clear and then taking the gun out and bustin a cap on someone. They do not buy their guns legally not do they buy their ammo legally. So additional restrictions on the honest gun owner will not help. Licensing ammo and requiring proof of a gun license to purchase ammunition will not help. Microstamping will not help as the guns are simply brought from places that do not require it, of the firearm is taken apart, the firing pin is either changed or filed to remove the imprint as well as the secondary imprint on the casing itself is also altered. Thus only honest people's firearms will produce usable casings. I am a very pro Second Amendment advocate, and I am also very concerned about the violence on our streets. We have more than enough "sensible" gun laws but no one is enforcing them. Mayor Bloomberg attacked gun dealers for being lax on "straw" purchases. Has anyone arrested the "Strawman"? It is a Felony to purchase a gun for some one else. Why are these people not being sued in Civil Court, for their actions directly contributed to some ones death. I would think they should be as liable as the person behind the trigger. I understand the hurt of the parents of the victims, but society has to figure out how to control the criminal element. For if you support the drug dealers and thieves buy buying their products or their hot merchandise because it is such a deal, you contribute to the overall problem. As long a crime pays in the country people will be murdered and maimed for their valuables and to control the action and turf. If not with guns, then knives, baseball bats, tire irons or what ever is available. More restrictions on guns will not even slow down the problem. It will only make it impossible to protect yourself, your family and your property.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31, you are missing the point. Whatever gun bills the liberal dems dream up still have to be voted on. Each legislator gets one vote, Darrel has proven for the last 6 years that he is not afraid to go against his party. He has always supported the gun owner and sportsman because he is one. Darrel has and will vote to protect the 2nd amendment always, just like Dave renzi "says" he will. Of course Dave can only say he will because he unlike Darrel has no record to show that he will.

Anonymous said...

2:42, I would suggest you do some reading. It might help.

You must be smart enough to realize no one wants innocents to be hurt by gun violence. You mention "proper controls", and that is the issue. This state has has draconian laws in effect for three generations now. Handguns are regulated beyond common sense, and officials are always trying to find ways to tweak them so as to influence law abiding people and their rights. The criminals who use weapons are not influenced by yet another law. They will not stand on one foot, wait another three or ten days, submit to background checks or fingerprints..they will do none of the above. If a person commits a crime with a gun, they should pay a big price, consistantly. That will deter. It works. Keep up the effort and don't fall for the emotional crap you are feeding into. You have thousands of laws on the books, do you really think even a dozen more will end all violence? How about 50 more? An even 100? The problem is not laws, it is the fact the politicians peddle this emotion to people who don't know. And that, Sir, respectfully, appears to be you.

Dan Francis said...

"God, guns, and gays," where would the GOP be without those three issues - oops, sorry: create jobs, cut taxes and decrease legislation.

Hey, works for me - LOL...

[Psst: So, how come our taxes are still the highest in the nation; governmetn rules are over-abundant; good decent paying jobs are nowhere in sight; NYS gun laws still the toughest around;
gays are still with us since the first caveman rolled over and touched his brother's peepee; and God, well, who decides for Him which side He is on anyway - a politican - LOL?]

I'm done now...

Anonymous said...

God has never been on your side, Danny. That's why, though you be a nice guy, you cannot beat the chosen one, Angel McHugh.

You'd best be spendin more time in church, and not one of those new fangled types either.

Anonymous said...


Rick said...

To those that make the point that everyone only has one vote I will and do agree. But when it comes to our gun rights and other upstate issues that vote is not the only thing that is important.

Representation is not just showing up and voting, it includes fighting for the issues that are important to our district and winning influence with people to help and protect our jobs, our heritage and our ways of life, for today and the future as well as our children’s futures.

The Ogdensburg Journal wrote:

“Last winter, we warned the senator in this column that he needed to be wary of efforts by downstate interests to "reform" the state’s Empire Zone. We pointed out that more than 70 Ogdensburg area businesses that employ thousands of area residents are currently in the state's empire zone program.

The senator dismissed our concerns, voted for a "reform" measure, and later had to join us and Potsdam officials in urging Governor David Paterson to veto the bill he supported.”

Why would anyone vote for anything and then ask the Governor to veto it? If you disagree with it vote no. If you don’t understand the issue then withhold your vote.

In 2007, while in the Assembly Darrel introduced 9 bill’s that were referred to the transportation committee of which he was a member and he reintroduced them again in the spring of 2008. Not only was he unable to convince his party to support him, he was unable to convince the members of his transportation committee to make any movement on these bills. They are all still sitting there after at least two years as some were actually submitted in previous sessions also. There is more to representing the district than just voting, it includes effectively working on legislation for your district. In March, after moving to the Senate he introduced 6 of these 7 bills (2 already had companion bills in the Senate) that were stalled in the Assembly but he didn’t even sponsor them. If he doesn’t believe in them enough to sponsor them why introduce them in the Senate?

As for our gun rights they ARE dependant on the balance of power. There are many bills that pass the Assembly year after year that are not brought out of committee in the Senate and that is why they are not enacted. Some call them “common sense” legislation, but they are simply more restrictions on the honest gun owner and will have little if any impact on crime. They are based on emotion and not fact, i.e. “ballistic fingerprinting” which the state has spent over a million dollars a year since 2001. With over 209,000 shell casings currently scanned, and over 7000 inquiry’s having been submitted to the database only 2 hits have been returned, and they did not produce a conviction. There are over 40,000 casings waiting to be scanned as they don’t have the time, manpower or money to put them into the database, yet they insist it works. This kind of legislation has cost the taxpayer untold millions to date as well as increasing the cost of firearms to honest people, yet the downstate liberals insist it just needs more time to prove it will work. The State does not have the money to continue to waste on these failed programs that produce no results and we sure don’t need more. If the Senate is controlled by the Democrats more of these so called “common sense” bills will surely be on the floor for a vote by the summer, if not well before, and many will pass no matter which candidate wins on Tuesday. Will Darrel be any better at convincing his colleagues in the Senate if controlled by the Democrats that any of these bills are bad legislation any better than he was able to convince members of his party in the Assembly? Will he be able to convince anyone to side with him/us? Darrel says his record proves he always votes in favor of sportsmen and women, but if pressured by his peers will he vote again for “reform’ and then ask the Governor to veto the bill? Now if the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and Darrel does vote against this anti sporting legislation, Dave’s vote would be as good as Darrel’s in that case. But if Dave’s elected and the House retains the balance of power it holds now the downstate Anti Gun - Anti Hunting - Anti Trapping agenda would be stopped as it has been so far.

Don’t get me wrong, I have talked to Darrel, I believe he is a nice guy, I would have no problem being his a friend, and I do believe he is a sportsman, but he has not been effective in stemming the tide of the downstate liberal anti sporting legislation or other positions that are needed here in this district during his 6 years in Albany. It is time for new blood to take on the fight and carry the torch for the 48th District and that is why I support Dave Renzi and believe that decision is in all of our best interest, not only on sporting issues but for all upstate issues. I urge everyone to research the facts.

Because of the facts, which have only been touched on here, I believe Dave Renzi is the best choice for the 48th district and all of Upstate New York and I encourage you to join me in voting for him to be our State Senator on Tuesday.

Rick McDermott

Rick said...

10:31 you are missing the point.

Have you ever heard of someone being let off? When it is unpopular in ones district they are allowed to vote what is popular in their district against the majority without penalty as long a the vote is not necessary for the passage of the bill. Darrel does vote for us but has never been tested when the vote would derail a sportsman's issue. If the Senate takes the majority that test just may happen and he owes a lot to downstate for his victory in February. I hate to see him have to ask the governor to veto an anti gun bill he voted for as Paterson wants them as bad as the rest of downstate. My moneys on Renzi.

Dan Francis said...

ANON 12:44: Now how in the Hell do you know whether or not God is / or is not on my side?

I'm on His side - that's all that matters to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rick, CHECK THE FACTS, but make sure they are the facts and not GOP talking points. Because the facts will show you that Darrel has and will always defend and fight for the sportsman.

Anonymous said...

How could God be on the side of a liberal Democrat?

I was just jokin' with you, Danny.

I could see it happening, just not lately, or any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I think Darrel will defend them, right after his party has already decided to sell them out to uninformed, downstate interests with no understanding of the issue.

He will vote to defend us. He will lose. We will lose. Our kids will lose.

Remember how important the kids are to some people?

Dan Francis said...

Hole in your theory: I'm not a liberal Democrat and never have been.

Danny M.(oderate) Francis - that's me.

Anonymous said...

In the past, you seemed to have had a love for gun laws, no matter how illogical. You seemed to have gone with your party.

But you do think independently. If you moderated on the gun law issue, I commend you, Danny.

God may give you a second chance.
I know the dog will.

Rick said...

to anonymous November 1, 2008 9:42 AM

I have listed facts not talking points.

Please inform me and the others here where I have twisted or misrepresented any facts.

Please provide me with facts I am missing where Darrel has had any effect on stopping any anti gun bill while in the Assembly. Can you provide information on even one?

Please name one member of his party Darrel has been able to influence to change their vote and stand with him in his support of even one sportsmen/women bill. I am open to learning these new facts.

I have been unable to locate this information on my own and Darrel has not responded to my request to provide me with the facts I am looking for. And he knows of my request as I hand delivered it to him and was promised a response and am still waiting for it.

So don't just SPEW THE TALKING POINTS OF THE DEMOCRATS. Please provide some of the facts you claim I have missed or ignored.

I do appreciate his voting record but his vote has yet to prevent passage of one bill that has a negative affect on the honest sportsman/women. I want more than a vote, I want results in the protection of our Second Amendment rights.

The fact that can't be disputed is Darrel has never been able to stop or even slow down even one anti sportsmen/women bill in his 6 years in Albany.

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