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Friday, October 3, 2008

Oswego SD 48 Debate

It was political theater at it best last night in Oswego for the third debate of the Senate candidates David Renzi and Darrel Aubertine. It was a standing room only crowd, which was stacked with Aubertine supporters who were well prepped to moan and groan at every response Renzi gave, it was as if they were suffering from constipation. Nonetheless, Renzi maintained his focus on the issues, responded with crisp answer and challenged Aubertine's position on issues, while Aubertine was rather flat.

Highlights on some of the issues discussed.

Asked how they would rein in the cost of the massive program. Renzi pointed out he would target fraud and waste as a means to reduce the cost of the program while Aubertine mentioned the 3% growth cap for counties instituted by the state and further he stated he favored zero growth to the counties.

That is positive news for the counties but, Aubertine's idea does not reduce the overall cost of the program, it just shifts the cost to the state.

Nuclear Energy:
This is an issue Aubertine seriously misstated his position. He was asked why he had a change of position on nuclear energy and was it for political purposes. His response was seriously flawed. He stated he did have a change of heart and it occurred about 10 years ago.
WRONG, it is for political purposes. He was still a county legislator 10 years ago in 1998, and probably not even thinking about nuclear energy and in 2000 he stated this to reporter Drew Mangione, who now does all his talking.
Jefferson County Legislator Darrel J. Aubertine on other issues:
Nuclear power plants: I would support a bill that would phase these plants out. One of the things you have to look at is energy conservation, try and cut down the need to use so much electricity and make business more aware of how to be energy conscious.
Gun Control:
The candidates were asked what they would do about protecting gun owner rights. Aubertine response was to do what he has done in the past. The oppressive actions in Assembly were only stopped by the GOP controlled Senate. Renzi used the opportunity to remind people of the importance in keeping the Senate in Republican control because they support gun owner rights. Then he mentioned that rights would be infringed upon if control of the Senate flips and the issue got the crowd moaning when he said, "say goodbye to your guns if Democrats get control." He was being candidly correct, it will be more difficult to own them, more costly to own them and much more difficult to use guns.

This was the biggie of the night! Aubertine stated was preparing to repay the money earned by his sister when he illegally hired her. You may say this is good and it is, BUT it took months to occur and only after a political opponent called it out during a debate, and aired it on a TV commercial. This was an admission of guilt but he continues to display ethical lapses and poor judgment by being forced to have to pay the money back.

There were more issues that will be highlighted in other posts.


Anonymous said...

You are full of Sh-t, Renzi is full of Sh-t and Aubertine is full of Sh-t. The best thing that could happen would be a 0 to 0 tie. Renzi played games, Aubertine has played games,(r.e. hiring his sister, and now region six director Judy Drabeski's husband, no partisian there!) Now Aubertine has the DEC bought and paid for!.

The real losers are the constituents of there district. The smart voter votes for neither one of these two clowns.

RWiley said...

"This was an admission of guilt but he continues to display ethical lapses and poor judgment by being forced to have to pay the money back.'

Will Dave Renzi now fully disclose his ethical lapses and poor judgement about his participation in LawyerGate, a scam perpetrated by a small percentage of NYS lawyers, or will he remain silent because he has been advised by his lawyer not to comment about an ongoing investigation?

Anonymous said...

Also, Aubertine's supporters came from Oswego. Renzi had to truck in the few supporters he has from Jeff. This does not look good for the clown from Jeffco. The constitpation game from the Sh-t you brought with you.

TF said...

Thank you for that totally unbiased report. Nice work Mr. Rove.

Anonymous said...

The Watertown paper and Syracuse are saying that Renzi should know better. I hope the Pal Times gives us some news, too.

Anonymous said...

Recently during one of this blog discussions about why you remain anonymous you said you weren't a reporter and it didn't matter since you only comment on the news. Well, I was there and was sober before the debate started and after and during the ride back to Phoenix. So, you were either, not there, are making things up, or one of the people who got into the sauce before the questions flew. Or you were one of the few supporters that your boy Renzi had to bring in from Jefferson County, which makes you a reporter. Like many other Republicans, you see the world through bloodshot eyes.
I agree, that you should remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The room and the bar were packed with WF Party hacks who said they were from Brooklyn. One got into a foul-mouthed tirade with another attendee in the back of the room.

One of us??

Anonymous said...

The NRA was there to give Renzi their blessing along with a new pistol so he didn't have to lie about his gun ownership. These are the same Sportsmen for Renzi who bid at auction for the opportunity to play Buffalo Bill and shoot a tame Bison in a fenced-in pasture.

Anonymous said...

So the Watertown times took out some of last night's background sound that was supportive of Mr. Aubertine. Was that to make up for the fact that Mr. Renzi was just fingered by the paper for trying to raid our retirement?

Anonymous said...

"One got into a foul-mouthed tirade with another attendee in the back of the room."

Actually, the "tirade" was a guy from sandy creek who was all but assaulted by Graham Wise, because Mr. Wise purposely blocked his video camera when Renzi was squiming. Its all on tape.
Keep checking youtube, Blondie.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is wise for this blog to be attacking fellow voters in the 48th just because they don't like Renzi. Attacking the candidate is one thing, but attacking fellow voters is way across the line.

Anonymous said...

"So the Watertown times took out some of last night's background sound that was supportive of Mr. Aubertine."

I just knew the Times was working for Renzi. It's so transparent when they write negative, misleading stories about him, just to distract Drew and Cort from the real issues in the race, namely, our jobs and high taxes.

In fact, I think I saw Jude Seymour's name in the expense list for Friends of Renzi. Great work, JJ.

Anonymous said...

Was that Graham "Grimus" Wise, or Chris "Planted Questions" McKenna who blocked that old guy's camera? It is so hard to keep Renzi's goons straight.

Anonymous said...

We had our chance in Oswego to come up with a real candidate. This lawyer crap is not going to disappear because it is an Attorney General investigation which was blessed by upstate Republicans and Democrats alike who praised his efforts getting the crooks.

We Repubs were pleased when they took down switzer, a lawyer a bit swifter than Renzi and now we have to take our licks. The risk putting Renzi in there with a brewing scandal and have to go through another special election will never give us a chance up here.

Anonymous said...

The Watertown Daily Rage was wrong in reporting a story only about Dave. This is a problem every community in New York State is facing.EVERY lawyer has done it and some still do. The state has a number of rules and regulations that no one knows or follows until some hot shot AG and comptroller tries to make a name for himself. If the rage wants to run the story then talk about all the lawyers from the north country.
Darrel on the otherhand broke a law he helped sponsor. Well his name was on it but I am sure he still has no clue what it says. Then he admits he was wrong. Then after more pressure he is now going to pay it back. Just like the ATV, DEC issue. It has been on going since April and couldn't get anythin done until he was called out on the carpet two weeks ago. Only took he and Judy's husband 12 days to fix it for him.
What else has slipped by or not been taken care of that we can call him on and get done before election.

RWiley said...

political 4 who has no restraint
and a bit of a republican taint
bends all the news
to match his views
but mr. karl rove, he ain't

Anonymous said...

Its all on tape.
Keep checking youtube, Blondie.

What is the link?

Anonymous said...

"Planted questions?" from Renzi.

Darrel's questions were so blatantly scripted -- and so poorly drafted -- they had to be the work of Drew "pass the chips" Spokeswizard.

No one else could have mangled such an opportunity so badly.

Either that or Darrel and the WFP have added the Stepford Wives to their bus tour of SD48 this year.

Anonymous said...

I see the DEC threw in a couple roads to quiet the ATV crowd down in Oswego COunty and split the 4 counties who have been loosly allied in their approach to the DEC.
Draciki and Darrell still think we are all yahoos and Wart and Hessell Roads shouldn't alter our determination to get this fool out of office.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much research you have on Aubertine!! Wowee!!

In the political world that kind of stuff is called "oppo" and it is done by campaigns, not regular people who have jobs and families that consumer their time (like you imply of yourself).

Therefore, it is very ironic you have ALL that oppo....despite not being part of the Renzi campaign!! Ironic, indeed. Thank you so very much for spending so much of your time in between your job and your family doing oppo!!

RWiley said...

"EVERY lawyer has done it and some still do. "

That is simply not true. It is illegal, an insult to honest lawyers. The bigger percentage of lawyers have more respect for their license and the law than that.

Dave Renzi was one of the 90 or so who were trying to cheat on the New York State Retirement System eligibility requirements. He is under investigation.

Those requirements are posted on line for all to see and it doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer or a Watertown lawyer for that matter, to figure it out.

What Dave Renzi did was illegal and if you are willing to come here and support and encourage illegal activity of a candidate, then your party is in serious trouble. We only hope the good Republicans don't feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that Dave would want retirement credits for coaching a High School Football Team, Odd don't you think??

Anonymous said...

rwiley defending lawyers? Didn't he call them all "liars" in an earlier post?

RWiley said...

"rwiley defending lawyers? Didn't he call them all "liars" in an earlier post?"

Actually if you had read more carefully i was pointing out a derivative and asking about the derivative of republican.

It was meant to be humor. If you had known me better, you would have recognized that I am a bit of a wise guy and lawyer jokes are fun (except perhaps to lawyers).

That is one of the advantages of posting with a real name and not anonymous. You can point out my faults because you know who you are dealing with.

Now let me be be more specific. This is not a joke:

Most lawyers are honest. They swear not to break the law for their or their client's benefit.

However, David Renzi is being questioned about whether or not he broke the law to benefit his own retirement funds, not just by voters but by the Attorney General.

What he did is typical of the George Bush legacy. George Bush supporters have been lead to believe that they are privileged and can excuse the laws away.

RWiley said...

I find it odd that Dave would want retirement credits for coaching a High School Football Team, Odd don't you think??

Not at all. If he is a coach for a school and the school is following all the state guidelines, then he is an employee and is entitled to credit for that stipend.

It does sound quite complicated and it sometimes takes a lawyer to figure out the difference between employee and contractor (wink).

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